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You First

Another challenge with Kim Klassen’s ‘Beyond Layers’. Bit by bit, layer by layer, finding the true inner self and capturing those wonderful moments, and times that I as a person grab onto the ‘me’ time. Last weeks self portrait challenge, wasn’t easy for myself and some other members of the group, but hey! it was a release to confront the self image, the reflection of the ‘true’ me and with Kim’s encouragement continue on this self discovery journey. So what better way to continue but ‘take the time’, embrace the ah ha moments that I can truly say, I’m doing this for me, I’m taking some time (and not feeling guilty) to do the things I love. I grabbed the moment of spending a few days with a wonderful friend, who was on her mission to excel in her new years resolution, of making time to visit family more often  Family not at her doorstep, travelling to the ‘bush’ some kilometers away from her home. I too, was on a mission, find time to do …

The Simplicity eDition

Blue Simplicity Original photo Twistedvines + kksimplicity texture + light and shadow adjustments (Picasa3) Blue II This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is the Simplicity eDition, simple as using one of our original photo’s and tweaking it with Kim’s fabulous texture Simplicity. Hydrangea’s have always been a favourite of mine, but have never had them in my garden..these were snipped from the neighbours garden. Just Beautiful, they remind me of my grandmother. Have a wonderful day , friends Yvette…x

Christmas Tree.

‘Twas the write before Christmas #4 ‘This one will do fine, this one is perfect!.’ The tree I have happy memories of. It’s the tree that took me on an adventure with Daddy. The forest was filled with trees, but to find the perfect one, wasn’t my choice at all, it was Daddy’s choice. He knew which one was best to take home, he knew which one would make Mummy smile. Riding in the rusty pick-up was always the adventure I looked forward to every year, I’d stretch my neck to see the road, but Daddy knew the way, he always found the way. I was content to ride in that rusty truck, it was my time with Daddy to go on our special trip to find our special tree. Not too small, and not too big…the perfect tree. Our Christmas tree. I knew that scent, the perfume of pines. I love the smell of the pines, the undercroft bed of pointed needles, just like a prickly porcupine, and the intriguing shape of the pine …

Easter Wishes

Dear Friends, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua. Over the last weeks I’ve been enjoying this lead up to a very special  joyous time of the year. Celebrating in many ways both in the kitchen, around the home of my family, from the heart and strengthening my soul. With this break upon us, I wish you happiness and joy, with your family and friends. I’ look forward to new beginnings… Thank you for your time to come and visit and leave comments, I truly appreciate every word… Wishing you all joyous Easter moments… Yvette…x  

Remember When

  An Italian friend of mine asked me to translate this song for him, he loved the melody and wanted to know the meaning of the words, as he had discovered a new country sound of Alan Jackson…after the first time listening to it, the second, the third it became also one of my favourites…there’s  a real message. Reading Buttercups blog today, her link can be found in my blogroll…she asked, “whats your song”, for the moment this is my song,Remember When a few minutes of quiet and serenity,to reflect on the little precious things in our life, the people close to us, and those not within arms reach…. hope you enjoy!