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Stop and listen to the music…

Did you actually look up into the sky today, out of a window, and notice natures beauty. Did you hear the birds outside or see the smile on a beautiful face today. If you had the choice to listen to beautiful sweet violin strings for a few seconds would you do it? How would you respond..would you have or make the time to stop? Would your heart smile and your eyes look up and feel the the sweetness of strings playing a melody? Time is precious, yes, but we should all find time to see and feel beauty each and every day…


A flowers petals, a changing colour in a leaf, the perfume of freshly ground coffee…or did we just grab that coffee, follow the same route to work, raced because a green light turned red, or flipped because the cue was to long ….

I found this article and wanted to share it with you, would you notice something out of place in your early morning routine of getting to work…would you hear the sweet sound and melody of a violin…would you even notice the violinist from the corner of your eye as you sped to the escalator….the experiment had been set by The Washington Post, why not reach for a coffee, or something a little more soothing and take the time to read this article….come back and tell me what you think…

Read the article ‘Pearls Before Breakfast’ by Gene Weingarten

Have a wonderful weekend friends,



  1. Interesting question, Yvette. I’d love to say that I would surely notice the quality of the music and would stop to enjoy the free concert — but I know otherwise. Back when I depended upon the subway for my commute, once the car’s doors opened at my destination, it was off to the races. Who knows how many budding young artists I passed daily? Ah, hindsight!
    Have a great weekend!

    • I know too,in the rush of the rountine of the morning it’s tunnel vision until you reach your destination! It’s one minute to stop and listen we probably wait longer for the green walkway light !!

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    Awesome article and reminder of how unconscious we are of living our everyday lives. I think though, had I been there to hear the music, wild horses could not have driven me away. Today I will make a point to listen to the music!

    • It was a long read but one well worth of acknowledging just how much we take notice of the things around us! Thanks for calling by, lovely to hear from you x

  3. This line “we should all find time to see and feel beauty each and every day…” says everything I feel. I blog because everyday I see something that inspires me, or motivates me. So I post in hopes others will be inspired and motivated. This is such a beautiful post

    • So true, and it’s beauty in itself that as part of my our social network we inspire and motivate each other…x

  4. Our friend that day told us a story that one famouse violinist was playing on the road just for fun. some few of the bypasseres (1 out of 100) would stop and listen for max 1 min. They r getting it for free and they dont want to listen the people, but the next day when he was playing in a concert house, one ticket for the show was over a 100 euro.

    people will look and see the beauty in nature only if u gift wrap a tree.

    sad but true…

    thank u for your wonderful post! =)

  5. Yvette, such a timely article for me. And interestingly I’m getting to read it this morning just after I noticed a sense of quiet beauty in the atmosphere. It’s very overcast outside this morning, and their was a crow on top of the roof to greet me with a keen message. Then I noticed the stillness and the whoosh of wings in a tree, the smell of fallen leaves in the moist air, and the complete stillness of the morning. There was a holiness about those few moments. Thank you for this reminder. I love the look of your rose photo. The rose petals are perfectly blushed, and the edges of the petals take me in with their perfect crinkles. I really noticed them.

    A little explanation about fallen leaves this time of year; our Live Oak trees drop their leaves in February and then immediately bloom. So it feels like Autumn.

    Enjoy a delightful, healthy day,
    Marianne xo

    • Our season is changing, however we’ve had a ‘strange’ Summer, lots of rain and thunderstorms – more than Summer days and nights. Just reading prevokes our awareness and hopefully I’ve done this by sharing this story…Pure beauty this rose it’s ‘Just Joey’ and is still blooming at the moment, filling the house with beautiful scented perfume. Have a wonderful day x

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