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White eDition

I thought I would have found a little more time this week to do the things I love…but here I am and it’s Friday tomorrow.

This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen was to use one of Kims fabulous textures and the image to centre around the colour White…White, my favourite colour, light, purity, clean crisp white.

Some weeks ago,(actually, the truth maybe now a month ago) I was visiting a place so dear to my heart a beautiful place where friends have gathered, laughed and cried. A place where I find refuge amongst the Australian eucalypts and cool soft nightly breezes. Awaken to the king of roosters and hear the symphonies of birds, and the cry of peacocks.Yes, that cry of peacocks…a bevy of peacocks. They are beautiful, but oh!, such a piercing loud call.



















Photo Recipe: Original photo Yvettes Twistedvines + kim klassens textures:  kkawaken + kkorganic + adjustments of light and shadow.



This beautiful white feather belongs to a white peahen, who surrounded by her peachicks and many a striking peacock, wanders around the estate, although they constantly call to each other they have a  peaceful and harmonious feeling surrounding them as they freely walk around. The first thing that comes to mind are the males beautiful colourful feathers and their long flowing ‘trainì of tail feathers. Just beautiful.



Have a wonderful weekend, friends


Graphic etchings: The Graphics Fairy


  1. Very nice, Yvette. I had the opportunity to see peahens with their chicks, but I have never seen a white feather, so thank you for that opportunity.

    A great weekend to you, also,
    Marianne xo

    • They are such beautiful creatures…and beautiful colours, many don’t keep the feathers in home because of their superstitious element of bringing bad luck…I find the design so intricate and the ‘train’ of the peacock just amazing! x

    • The females are still beautiful only with their ‘white’ feathers. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Yes, if you ever hear a peacock’s call, you certainly won’t forget it! A really beautiful post, Yvette.

    • They do screech, something to get use to…they are very time conscious, an early morning rising call and also at sunset…a never failing time clock.

  3. My grandfather use to have many peacocks. We would go around the grounds gathering every one of the feathers left on the ground and put them in a bouquet. My grandmother dearly loved them so I didn’t mind gathering them. But my grandfather had one peacock that would attack you if you turned your back on him. I didn’t like that one very much, but I loved it when they spread their tail feathers. They were so beautiful. I also loved their cry. When I was very small I thought it was my cousin outside yelling for ‘help’… Everyone laughed…Such a great memory. Your photos are so awesome and you brought back a beautiful memory.
    Thank you,

    • Beautiful memories…a few childhood memories for me also visiting my Nonno’s (grandfathers) farm we often would chase them just before sunset into their pens so that the foxes couldn’t get them…Have a wonderful weekend. x

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