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Texture Tuesday – free & easy eDition

With every crack and chipped painted wall, (signs of a child, who hung posters on her wall), there’s something about returning to the four walls of a house, you call ‘home’. Reminiscing of many good times and sad ones, having the comforts at your fingertips and your Mum, home cooking and wanting do do everything for you, just as it was when you were a small child. I’m enjoying the Easter break holiday vacation time, relaxing with my camera and a couple of good books. (novels and a few inspirational cookbooks), writing up my next school programs and catching up with long time friends.

Photographing the last of Mum’s flowering rose blooms, capturing them in the early morning stream of light from a window for a Texture Tuesday shot.

Experimenting with composition, and light sources, and learning my new camera. Just a little time for me.(sigh!)

bluelberries 022 I love the transparency of the rose petals…


Beautiful roses,and just a little subtle texture.

Free and Easy for this weeks Texture Tuesday. Linking to Kim Klassens Cafe.

Have a wonderful day, friends



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