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TT – The Outside eDition

‘Sunshine Ripples’ This week has been awesome. Busy, exciting and inspirational. How about yours? This week, Kim offered a different challenge, that we might like to take a walk in the outdoors and take as many photo’s as we saw fit. This was the early morning sunshine just behind these marvelous trees as I went for my early morning walk. Wonderful sunshine beams and radiant warmth, to chase the crisp air of a Winters morning away. Linking to: Yvette…x

TT – Flowers

This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen, isn’t so much the subject matter – flowers…I love photographing flowers as many of you have seen before. It’s actually the point at which I venture out of the warmth of inside the house…of a Winter dreary day, and look around the garden, not to find too much to photograph. The hint of the final lavender amongst the rosemary, and the tiniest rose buds screaming from the leafless branches of rose bushes. Sometimes the simplest of things, and the dull of light can give us something truly beautiful.   I’ve been wanting to take photographs of this bottle for ages…I just love it. I’m a tonic water drinker, and just adored this limited edition collection that Schweppes Australia distributed. The series is a collection of 1920’s – 1950’s pin up girls.See the full collection in the inspiration room. I’ve had these photo images in my mind for ages…and it was truly magical inspiration to see these photos come alive. original photo twistedvines + kkchase +light/shadow adjustments. original photo …

Light eDition

I’m not sure where the week has gone, but it’s flying by… What better way than to stay focused on one day at a time and start each day with a new long list of gratitude’s and bucket list of wishes… This macro shot is one I see everyday (screensaver), it helps me to remember my theme word for twentytwelve of FOCUS…and its beautiful sunlit petals expresses my take on this weeks photo challenge theme of light with Kim Klassen, with only a subtle texture enhancement with kkplastersquared. There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.  ~Edith Wharton Have a wonderful day, my friends Yvette,,,x

Texture Tuesday – Let’s get Creative eDition

Vintage Roses This weeks challenge, was even more a challenge for myself, I was determined to sit down and learn something new in Photoshop Elements, instead of my usual fly through with Picasa 3. What better way then to sit down with Kim Klassens, Beyond Layers and her Photoshop Test Kitchen – Elements The Essentials. Headphones, coffee and a learning will to ensure a new direction to textures and my photos. original photo + kk_mustardseed + kk_dream, mixing both blend modes and opacities. ‘We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine,we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.  Astrology does not lay claim to anything more’  Carl Gustav Jung Have a wonderful week, my friends Yvette…x

Texture Tuesday – free & easy eDition

With every crack and chipped painted wall, (signs of a child, who hung posters on her wall), there’s something about returning to the four walls of a house, you call ‘home’. Reminiscing of many good times and sad ones, having the comforts at your fingertips and your Mum, home cooking and wanting do do everything for you, just as it was when you were a small child. I’m enjoying the Easter break holiday vacation time, relaxing with my camera and a couple of good books. (novels and a few inspirational cookbooks), writing up my next school programs and catching up with long time friends. Photographing the last of Mum’s flowering rose blooms, capturing them in the early morning stream of light from a window for a Texture Tuesday shot. Experimenting with composition, and light sources, and learning my new camera. Just a little time for me.(sigh!) I love the transparency of the rose petals… Beautiful roses,and just a little subtle texture. Free and Easy for this weeks Texture Tuesday. Linking to Kim Klassens Cafe. Have …

A kind of Beautiful

It’s time to face the music… self portrait It’s been a changing moment…or is it just one point that I’ve arrived at before, started and then found a different direction. Are we ever happy with the now? I’ll do that when…I’m feeling happy, when I’m ten kilo’s lighter, when I meet the right person, when! , when?, when. Let’s just start living the now. I’m at this point again, lift my head high and face the music, however this time I’m writing the music and my own lyrics. Start enjoying every little ‘moment’. Enjoy the company of family, the company of friends, but most importantly know who that person in the mirror really is, the reflective you. With all the extra lines of time, the freckles, the blemishes. My journey with Kim Klassen and Beyond Layers, ( Beyond Layers II registrations now open) has been just that a journey of peeling back so many emotions, so many feelings, grasping for air, a ray of sunshine or a falling tear. Beyond Layers is 52 weeks of …

[Texture Tuesday] Black and White eDition

Marshmallow Velvet We are surrounded by colour every day…and often everything around us seems complicated. So for a moment lets look at something in plain black and white. This weeks photo challenge with Kim Klassen is to create a photo in black and white and use one of her many creative textures. I’ve used the texture ‘organic’ and just love the extra softness of the edges. I also love the dappled texture of the eggs. The title for this photo is Marshmallow Velvet…I’ve been creative (finally again) in the kitchen making red velvet cakes and covering them in icing and marshmallows…I love the phrase black and white in Italian…switch them around Bianco Nero. Have a wonderful week friends… Yvette…x ‘’A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words’

White eDition

I thought I would have found a little more time this week to do the things I love…but here I am and it’s Friday tomorrow. This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen was to use one of Kims fabulous textures and the image to centre around the colour White…White, my favourite colour, light, purity, clean crisp white. Some weeks ago,(actually, the truth maybe now a month ago) I was visiting a place so dear to my heart a beautiful place where friends have gathered, laughed and cried. A place where I find refuge amongst the Australian eucalypts and cool soft nightly breezes. Awaken to the king of roosters and hear the symphonies of birds, and the cry of peacocks.Yes, that cry of peacocks…a bevy of peacocks. They are beautiful, but oh!, such a piercing loud call.                                   Photo Recipe: Original photo Yvettes Twistedvines + kim klassens textures:  kkawaken + kkorganic + adjustments of light and shadow. This beautiful white …

Mulberry Joy- Felicity eDition

  Helllo friends, Another Texture Tuesday Challenge with Kim Klassen… …and another whirling couple of weeks for me. Do you have those days when you think you have something in the palm of your hand, but really its only in fingertips reach…I know in my mind that lifes little triggers of wisdom come from lifes lessons, we grow stronger, we find our inner selves and voices, and striving for that new job, that new creative thread…these lessons make us grow and become a stronger person. The road is never ever straight, its winding with crossroads, and if we take the wrong turn, we need the courage and strength from the lesson learnt to turn around and start again. Pick up the pieces…and start again. This challenge with Kim was to use one of her fabulous textures: ‘felicity’. It came to mind the Italian word felicità which means joy, happiness and picking these mulberries fresh from the tree was just that. A happy time, full of giggles and laughter, climbing ladders and eating these little morsels …