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How GratiTude can change your day

It has been written by some of you how you don’t and wouldn’t be expected to – unless sleeping with your computer 24/7 read and comment to every person who calls past and witnesses your thoughts, dreams and aspirations of the daily, weekly, or monthly posting, their aren’t enough hours in the day. With the updating of WordPress and the assembly of new widgets, it does make it easier, however to view our comments and those who comment and then reply. (My personal thoughts)

To my followers all 100 (I had a jump this week (within) as I reached the milestone), I am grateful to all who may call past and leave comments, and it makes a difference to my day, and I hope and guess also when I acknowledge you, that you did call past, you maybe do care,(that I did!)

Two of my readers have passed on awards to me. And in appreciation for these nominations  I acknowledge these two people, their wonderful blogs and how I admire their creativity, and how they make my corner of blogging on twistedvines, more meaningful each time they leave a comment.

Firstly to Michael – Have a Dream, he nominated me for the sunshine award,( Michael’s nominating post) and did just that. It’s been at the back of my mind to acknowledge this award, and here finally I’ve done so. Michael has written some fantastic thought provoking posts, one of his most popular postings was ‘Friendship is a Two Way Street’, I admire his writing skills and diversity of his talents and subjects.

A list of questions which go with this award

Favorite color – Autumn Reds

Favorite number – thirty seven

Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Dry Ginger Ale

Facebook or Twitter – Both. Join me on both

My Passion – Talked about many in my last post.

Getting or giving presents – Giving

Favorite pattern – One of my originals

Favorite day of the week – Every day is a magical day

Favorite flower – Roses

To Marianne –365 Days – Change Your Life one day at a Time, for nominating me (Marianne’s nominating post) for the Reader Appreciation Award. Marianne is an accredited life coach, her work is inspirational in guiding us to achieve a happier, fulfilling and brighter day.Now to go along with this award I need to tell you six things about myself: I’ve probably done this already so I found another ‘list’ to share

3 things I can’t go without: camera, perfume, coffee

3 celebrity crushes: George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Leif Garrett (showing my age)

3 things I want in a relationship: Trust, Respect, Truth

3 things I’ve crossed of my bucket list:

Seeing a show at the Moulin Rouge, Paris

Taking a gondola ride through the canals of Venice

Learnt another language, and spoke it fluently- Italian

So here are my 6 Nominated blogs for Reader Appreciation Award, and wanted to keep it all within the wordpress family, I have subscribed to all of these blogs for sometime now, and love visiting them, I hope you will too.

Roger Stowell: Camerahols/ Food,Photography & France

Ilva Beretta Photography

Claire Leggett: RaindropsKeepFalling

This Sydney Life

Pink Polka Dot Food

Now, maybe not all of you accept these ‘blogging’ awards but hey, think of it as a way of reaching out to a few more people as your viewer dreams, that they might like to visit where you live, read a book that you’ve reviewed, share a love of photography or catch a link, cook a recipe that you’ve written or look at a photo you’ve captured. You all have something to give, even if we pass only once…to connect from my little corner.

Have a great week everyone, and thank you for visiting.


Why not connect with me and press the LIKE button of twistedvines / twitter/ email subscription, all on the right hand column of my blog.


    • LOL! I think Pooh and Tigger said it all today! …the blog genie will not take the award from you if you don’t..you deserve it!… a pleasure to visit and read your blog. x

    • Thankyou for your comments,you’re neally always first on the scene…I love hearing from you. x

    • And that we do..thank you for always calling by twistedvines,and your daily quotes on fb keep me going…x

  1. hardworkinjudy says

    I had read a few posts before I could figure out where to place a comment. You have a delightful blog!! Thanks for your visit. Sometimes it is hard to find the time to return all comments, but it is truly worth the effort. You never know what you may find when you come calling! Blessings, Judy

    • Thanks Judy, for taking the time to leave a comment, and looking through twistedvines…thinking that each reader knows I appreciate them is one thing, but making the effort to write it, truly lets them know I care! Have a great day. x

  2. Nancy says

    Congrats to your mentions. Great blogs — wishing you a wonderful week, Yvette.

    • Thanks Nancy, variety is the spice of life, and these blogs listed are diverse, they all have something special to give, as does yours – A Rural Journal, You too, have a great week! x

  3. Well, congratulations, Yvette, are certainly in order for receiving not one but two well-deserved awards. I’m sure many more are in your future. Now, I’ve got a few blogs to check out but before I go, just one thing. Leif Garrett? 🙂

    • You’re smiling aren’t you John….Leif Garrett, the late seventies ‘teen idol’, I think he only had maybe four hits…the one I remember the best…I was made for dancin…I used to always get told off, for putting up posters on my walls in those day with drawing pins…then came along the ‘blu tac’ days to save me! LOL!…memory lane. Have a great week! x

    • Thanks Susan for calling back to Twistedvines, I enjoyed looking around your blog: Black Eyed Susans Kitchen, your make-over rooms were fabulous! Have a great week! x

  4. Congratulations, Yvette! Your blog certainly is an inspiration and beauty. It’s been a pleasure knowing you, and reading your lovely thoughts, and viewing all your tremendous photography.

    Blessings on your blog,

    • Thanks Marianne, Hope your weekend was fine and sunny, and I’m sure a little creative! Look forward to catching up with Leisure Lane soon. Have a wonderful creative week! x

    • Thanks Pat, Always a pleasure to hear from you and check your creative corner out and beautiful photography. x

  5. Claire says

    Thank you Yvette, you are very kind. I enjoyed your thought provoking words on leaving comments

    • Thank you Claire, I hope some of my followers check out your creative world..have a wonderful week. x

  6. A lovely post, Yvette. Gratitude is a powerful force for positive thinking — and so is its companion, appreciation for others. Thanks for sharing yours here, and spreading the good energy.

  7. Congratulations on your well deserved awards, Yvette. I think all bloggers really appreciate when someone takes the time to read our blogs but leaving a comment makes their visit really special.

  8. Congratulations on your new tag award. Enjoyed your post today, passion is something that is deep inside of each of us the important part is to find out what it is. Looks to me like you have passion for sure it’s nice to find your blog today.

  9. Congrats, especially for learning a new language and speaking it fluently. 🙂 I approve your choice 😉 Italian is the most romantic language ever, LOL!
    Buon fine settimana, ciao!

  10. Congratulations on your awards.
    I appreciate the time bloggers take to visit and leave a comment on my blog. I do reply to all and try to return the visit and make a comment. There are some blogs where I cannot or do not know how to leave a comment. Must try to remember to get my kids to help next time one of them come home.

  11. It’s so funny because I was just getting back to all that I’ve missed returning comments and likes alike. I also recently reached a 100 follows and received a couple awards. It definitely is an honor and these awards gives us an opportunity to show are tokens of appreciation and gives an opportunity to learn much much more as well to connect you with more bloggers so they it is an award that gives you 10 fold! I look forward to following along the journey of sharing~

  12. It’s always fun to find a blog that you enjoy and someone you connect with. Blogging makes a difference in my life. It’s like having lots of girlfriends…like when we were in school! I love it! Thanks for inspiring me today!

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