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Autumn Holidays

Busy days of late.  Autumn term break starts at the end of this week, and looking forward to time spent with ‘calmer’ days around home, behind the camera, and in the kitchen.

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Joining forces with my sister to prepare this morning tea:

Fresh home made sushi, spring vegetable rolls, deep fried feta stuffed olives sticks, curried egg, honey leg ham and mustard tiered sandwiches, home made curried puffs, cream corn and tuna vol au vents, mascarpone, sun dried tomato and basil pesto pin wheels.

Have a great week,



    • Hi Pat, hope you’re having a creative week! We were really happy with the outcome for the morning…and the plates came back empty, so that’s a positive! x

  1. Yours is an incredible gene pool, Yvette. Just look at what you and your Sister prepared! Every thing looks delicious and is presented so well. Your sushi looks better prepared than some “professional” maki that I’ve been served. Everything looks perfect!

    • My sister can take the credit for those delicious looking sushi, all her work! They do look great, and are fresh in flavour! x

    • Hi Mandy, We were pleased as our last morning tea prep was last Christmas, with all the sweet goodies, and I love the change to savoury!
      Have a great week! x

  2. Gracious, that is quite an impressive tea, Yvette. What fun and how creative you and your sister are…though we already knew you were creative!

    • We really do work well in the kitchen together, we laugh, we remember funny things, and we always joke that we could never work in the masterchef kitchen together! Although we were sprinting for time! x

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