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Morning Sunshine

Breakfast is one of those meals where we all do something different! Grab a coffee, some cereal, maybe a piece of fruit on the run. Even skip it!  It was the custom in Italy to call into a corner bar, stand and grab a quick espresso and maybe a pastry and head off to work. Here in Australia it’s anything from coffee, toast and vegemite to a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and baked beans. I was an oatmeal and yoghurt girl, fresh fruit or toast and vegemite…things are a changing.

august 2012 036 Bread hasn’t been in my daily diet for approximately three weeks…so of course because I love the texture of bread, I had to research a little and find a non grain substitute. Now, the look of this bread might seem a little bland, but it has a wonderful ‘nutty’ texture, but hey not very exciting for the morning…how about a little boost of sunshine!

august 2012 037 Slices of ‘no grain’ bread made into delicious french toast. Soaked in two eggs for 2/3 minutes then fry in butter. Served with fresh fruits: strawberry, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, cherries, frozen raspberries, and pecans with a swirl of honey. My friends let me introduce you to –  Morning Sunshine.

august 2012 042 august 2012 039 august 2012 043 Enjoy!



  1. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person but this, Yvette, could make me change my ways. It looks so very healthy and fresh. Just right for a day’s first meal.

    • Good morning John, breakfast has never been a priority meal for me also..I even lived on black coffee in the mornings for a very long time to kick start the sluggish body. Apart from the healthy changing lifestyle..’fresh’ is the key word here…Have a great day! Yx

    • Hi Kay, I didn’t know how these photo’s would come out…close ups of so many things together can look a little chaotic. Learning all the time with composition. The colours of this dish are magical !! Have a great day! Yx

    • Hi Marianne, Vegemite is a required taste…salty! It’s something us Australians grew up on…put’s a rose in every cheek! Yx

  2. We always eat breakfast, usually a half a grapefruit and oatmeal or a small slice of toast. Breakfast is an easy place for us to save on calories.

  3. I’m a breakfast lover, fruit & yogurt every morning. Morning sunshine looks amazing but, I think I’ll try it with my yogurt on top or being a cream addict, some thick pouring cream for a ‘special breaky’. Yum looks delicious Yvette

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