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Light eDition

I’m not sure where the week has gone, but it’s flying by… What better way than to stay focused on one day at a time and start each day with a new long list of gratitude’s and bucket list of wishes… This macro shot is one I see everyday (screensaver), it helps me to remember my theme word for twentytwelve of FOCUS…and its beautiful sunlit petals expresses my take on this weeks photo challenge theme of light with Kim Klassen, with only a subtle texture enhancement with kkplastersquared. There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.  ~Edith Wharton Have a wonderful day, my friends Yvette,,,x

Sweet Blessings

A beautiful  Sunday, and Happy Mothers Day. I made a special cake for my sister today to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family. A Vanilla Strawberry Buttercake. Its the first time I’ve used this giant cupcake tin, so a little trial and error, but some great results. And some wonderful ideas for future baking were discussed by us girls….  A Mothers Blessing Thank you, Holy Father, for Your special gift of mothers; for the example of Your unconditional love they share with their children. Thank You for the mother who lets her child know without doubt he or she is loved, and for the child who returns that love. Lord, today we pray You will protect and guide mothers everywhere; that You will grant them Your wisdom in loving and teaching their children. Today, may children everywhere remember the warm caresses and whispers in the night; the tears dried and Band-Aids, the peach cobbler, the laughter; and the blood curdling scream, ‘No!’ at the brink of danger. Thank You for the mothers who played with …

Texture Tuesday – Let’s get Creative eDition

Vintage Roses This weeks challenge, was even more a challenge for myself, I was determined to sit down and learn something new in Photoshop Elements, instead of my usual fly through with Picasa 3. What better way then to sit down with Kim Klassens, Beyond Layers and her Photoshop Test Kitchen – Elements The Essentials. Headphones, coffee and a learning will to ensure a new direction to textures and my photos. original photo + kk_mustardseed + kk_dream, mixing both blend modes and opacities. ‘We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine,we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.  Astrology does not lay claim to anything more’  Carl Gustav Jung Have a wonderful week, my friends Yvette…x

A kind of Beautiful

It’s time to face the music… self portrait It’s been a changing moment…or is it just one point that I’ve arrived at before, started and then found a different direction. Are we ever happy with the now? I’ll do that when…I’m feeling happy, when I’m ten kilo’s lighter, when I meet the right person, when! , when?, when. Let’s just start living the now. I’m at this point again, lift my head high and face the music, however this time I’m writing the music and my own lyrics. Start enjoying every little ‘moment’. Enjoy the company of family, the company of friends, but most importantly know who that person in the mirror really is, the reflective you. With all the extra lines of time, the freckles, the blemishes. My journey with Kim Klassen and Beyond Layers, ( Beyond Layers II registrations now open) has been just that a journey of peeling back so many emotions, so many feelings, grasping for air, a ray of sunshine or a falling tear. Beyond Layers is 52 weeks of …

Bay of Fires, Bingalong Bay

Catching a couple of iron birds last weekend, my destination was Bingalong Bay, a region on the north east coast of Tasmania.The Bay of Fires is world renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty, intense colours and dramatic luminous light. The coast line is an area of sun drenched beaches and is broken by famous orange lichen covered granite rock formations. And a walk at sunset, it was discovered these lichen covered rocks turn a bright flashy red. Incredible to witness and one of natures truly magnificent magical moments. (Please note) The above photos have no colour enhancement. Read on to discover more of this beautiful natural escape.

Embrace eDition

              Don’t fear change – embrace it.                                            Anthony J. D’Angelo Busy Bee Macro Photo Twistedvines + Embrace Texture by Kim Klassen We all fear the unknown, we all have our routines. And wouldn’t it be a boring place if we knew everything that was going to happen to us. How do we stay focused on the many wonderful things we have and then have lost. Gone, in a moment. Another moment gone by – lost in the past. What happened in that moment – I had control of my life, and can only do what I feel right to do in each moment. Our approaches to moments in time become our life. Can that next moment be an empty space, or maybe we should just   e m b r a c e  it as its own mystical place. How many times have you thought of something new, a new idea, heard a new voice and grasped that moment, that thrill or spark to reach for the unknown and embrace the moment. Our past experiences …

Cool or Warm

This quote was placed in front of my eyes, only this week and thought I’d share it with you. If you want to see the Sunshine, you have to weather the storm.  – Frank Lane This quote rings in my ears, how true… I’ve been celebrating the 12 days of textures with Kim Klassen and looking at my photo’s today, there’s the strong contrast of cool and warm colours,     Cool or warm which appeals to you… Winter wonderland for Christmas, or Summer warming sunshine rays? Not long to go… Yvette…x