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Embrace eDition

              Don’t fear change – embrace it.

                                           Anthony J. D’Angelo


Busy Bee

Macro Photo Twistedvines + Embrace Texture by Kim Klassen

We all fear the unknown, we all have our routines. And wouldn’t it be a boring place if we knew everything that was going to happen to us. How do we stay focused on the many wonderful things we have and then have lost.

Gone, in a moment.

Another moment gone by – lost in the past.

What happened in that moment – I had control of my life, and can only do what I feel right to do in each moment. Our approaches to moments in time become our life. Can that next moment be an empty space, or maybe we should just   e m b r a c e  it as its own mystical place. How many times have you thought of something new, a new idea, heard a new voice and grasped that moment, that thrill or spark to reach for the unknown and embrace the moment. Our past experiences of thoughts and ideas master over that moment. Our future doesn’t have to be limited by our past experiences and ideas. We don’t need to continue within our head, but create and master from our heart.

Creating a new textured photo, using one of Kim Klassens textures ‘embrace’,TT Texture Tuesday is when we link to Kim Klassens cafè and share, visit other participants and view the talents. Come along and join in here


Have a great day,



    • Jeanetteann, I’m really happy with this macro shot, I love the petals, and the colour seems to put a smile on our faces…a little bit of sunshine! x

  1. I’m 60 in March and have a new mantra “New decade,fresh start” making the most of . . .and not looking back . .Beautiful macro work and a lovely edit . . .Happy Tuesday, Teresa x

  2. I just checked out Kim Klassen today and think she’s fabulous! She has some great tutorials and now I NEED Photoshop!! I would really like to try this.
    I LOVE the little bee in your flower. It looks as though he is taking a moment and enjoying the nectar of life!! Your photo and Kim’s texture is just beautiful! Great way to make a photo pop!
    I love your thoughts today.

  3. Beautifully poignant, Yvette. I like your statement ‘We don’t need to continue in our head…” I love your photo, and the precious bee doesn’t think of yesterday. Today is enough for him to bear.

    Enjoy the day with a few fun surprises to be discovered.

    Marianne xox

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