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Bay of Fires, Bingalong Bay

Catching a couple of iron birds last weekend, my destination was Bingalong Bay, a region on the north east coast of Tasmania.The Bay of Fires is world renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty, intense colours and dramatic luminous light.

The coast line is an area of sun drenched beaches and is broken by famous orange lichen covered granite rock formations.

bay of fires tassie 110

bay of fires tassie 104

And a walk at sunset, it was discovered these lichen covered rocks turn a bright flashy red. Incredible to witness and one of natures truly magnificent magical moments.

bay of fires tassie 099

(Please note) The above photos have no colour enhancement.

Read on to discover more of this beautiful natural escape.

During the day the colours of these rocks luminate…

bay of fires tassie 026

bay of fires tassie 025

bay of fires tassie 030

Crystal clear cool waters, perfect for scuba diving, long stretches of white beaches for walking and wonderful fishing spots… fresh seafood to savour the taste of this beautiful bay. Abalone, crayfish,  local oysters, fresh local fish. We had dinner in the local restaurant, with breathtaking views and a spirited ‘light’ breeze after sunset…a menu of fresh local produce …oysters prepared three ways…I couldn’t resist!

On 17th March 1773, Captain Tobias Furneaux of the HMS Adventure named the Bay of Fires. It was named thus, because of the number of fires lit by Aborigines seen off shore.

Remarkably the boulders at sunset beam like fires along the coastline.

At low tide, time is an adventure looking through many of the rock pools and leaping amongst the rocks.I couldn’t resist taking also some photos of the beautiful textures found on the beach. A natural harmony of land, sky and sea. Every view paints a perfect picture.

bay of fires tassie 005

bay of fires tassie 002

bay of fires tassie

bay of fires tassie 109

A wonderful meeting with friends, reminiscing of passed adventures and long lasting friendships.

A beautiful place to visit, resulting for me, a special memory in my heart, with those friends I have shared most of my life with. A place where with its beauty can inspire and restore the soul, mind and body.bay of fires tassie 108



  1. Terri says

    Fantastic Yvette – maybe you should go into photography as a career??? Great pics. I heard that you guys had a wonderful time and that it is an amazing place.

    • Just a ‘little’ passion for photography…it truly is a beautiful corner of the Tasmanian coastline.x

  2. Bought back many memories of the years I lived in Tasmania and all the beautiful scenery all throughout Tassy ,lived in a little place called Longford and trout fished most of the lakes and streams , I recall working on a shark boat out of Bicheno , you pics are beautiful reminders of Bingalong bay

    • I’m so happy my photo’s bought back a special time for you and I can only imagine how wonderful some of the scenery around the lakes and streams might be, after visiting this ‘little’ spot of sheer beauty. x

  3. Such a wondrous place, Yvette, and so beautifully photographed. Thank you for showing me a part of the World I’d not seen before.

    • Tasmania has many beautiful spots. I’ve travelled right around it in 14 days…last weekend was spent in this hideaway bay, very pretty and unique.

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