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Autumn TeaTime

With all these wonderful warm colours of Autumn, there’s nothing better than sitting by a sunlit window, sipping a cup of warm tea and eating a piece of Banana Nutmeg Cake. Sharing with you my new Royal Albert – Country Roses serving plate. A lovely oval design with cross-hatching embossing,filigree and gold trim, with handles of beautiful cut-out hearts. A beautiful addition to my china collection. For afternoon tea, there’s a serving of freshly homemade Banana Nutmeg Cake, served in petite paper doilies, and Royal Albert – Country Roses serviettes.   Welcome to all those lovely ladies, who are joining me for tea, and a chat in the afternoon sunlight. Wish you were all here, relaxing with me, just a little time for you and me, and see the beautiful hues of Autumn in our garden. Piping hot tea served in Royal Albert, bone china petite Val d’or tea cups, and beautiful paper filigree heart  – place cards. Can you see your name?   Here’s my quick recipe for Banana Nutmeg Cake 1/2 cup sugar …

Our first Snow

It’s hard to believe that today we’ve had a first snow fall and it’s November. Bitterly cold winds and temperatures and yes…snow. Thank goodness not enough to make a snowman, but enough to send us in a quiet frenzy of carefulness and patience on the roads. I love the snow, the clean crispness of the garden covered in all it’s whiteness. I took these photo’s last week, just as the sun was breaking through a cloudy foggy morning.   Just a little ray of sunshine! To start another day…. Yvette..x

Pumpkin Soup

This is my favourite of Autumn soups, warming the soul, soothing the chill in the air and giving a wonderful perfume to the kitchen. Capturing the midday sunrays, enhancing the warming colours of this plate,I served it with petite cheese sandwiches… A light creamy texture with a dollop of natural yoghurt and a sprig of thyme…read on for the recipe…