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Texture Tuesday – free & easy eDition


This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen was a challenge all up to us, using one of Kim’s textures and subject matter, anything we desire.

I wanted to capture the wonderful Autumn hues,earthy and natural of the season.

original photo: twistedvines + kkfriday texture + adjustments of colour and light saturation

Have a great week, friends



    • So, glad you called by, Pat! I love Autumn exactly for it’s beautiful changing colours.x

  1. You’ve done it again!!! You certainly captured Autumn most beautifully, Yvette…Yet, another book cover. ..a book about spiritual journey or the like…yes, something spiritual…LOL….I can’t help it… I hope you don’t mind these visions I have for your work.

    Oh, Autumn is so wonderful! Enjoy every moment, my dear.
    Sending you love,
    Marianne xox

    • Marianne, it makes me smile, how my photo’s add some inspirational spark to you, and you freely exchange those thoughts with me and others. I truly hope all my photo’s enhance a minute of emotion capturing what’s happening on my side of the world, from the changing season, to the emotion of whats cooking in the kitchen. Thank you, my friend. x

  2. I think you succeeded in capturing Autumn’s essence, the inclusion of rose hips was brilliant. And your banner pictures are, also, beautifully shot, Yvette. Take care.

    • Thank you John, Loving this season, and trying to capture its beauty behind the lens, both from nature and it earthy seasonal abundance of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Although most of the roses have gone, the garden still flows with colour. I truly do love Autumn! x

  3. Autumn is my favorite season because of those deep earth-tone colors. Your image reminds me of that. I think this image would look beautiful as a kitchen decor. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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