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TT – Free & Easy eDition

Another free and easy challenge for today’s Texture Tuesday, with Kim Klassen. A few more photo’s of natures beauty of Camellia’s. They truly are magical! Original photo –Twistedvines + kkzuzu + focal black & white + glow + light adjustment (Picasa 3) Have a great day everyone, Yvette…x ‘No duty is more urgent, than returning thanks’ –Saint Ambrose Linking to  Mosaic Monday & Texture Tuesday

Bay of Fires, Bingalong Bay

Catching a couple of iron birds last weekend, my destination was Bingalong Bay, a region on the north east coast of Tasmania.The Bay of Fires is world renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty, intense colours and dramatic luminous light. The coast line is an area of sun drenched beaches and is broken by famous orange lichen covered granite rock formations. And a walk at sunset, it was discovered these lichen covered rocks turn a bright flashy red. Incredible to witness and one of natures truly magnificent magical moments. (Please note) The above photos have no colour enhancement. Read on to discover more of this beautiful natural escape.

White eDition

I thought I would have found a little more time this week to do the things I love…but here I am and it’s Friday tomorrow. This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen was to use one of Kims fabulous textures and the image to centre around the colour White…White, my favourite colour, light, purity, clean crisp white. Some weeks ago,(actually, the truth maybe now a month ago) I was visiting a place so dear to my heart a beautiful place where friends have gathered, laughed and cried. A place where I find refuge amongst the Australian eucalypts and cool soft nightly breezes. Awaken to the king of roosters and hear the symphonies of birds, and the cry of peacocks.Yes, that cry of peacocks…a bevy of peacocks. They are beautiful, but oh!, such a piercing loud call.                                   Photo Recipe: Original photo Yvettes Twistedvines + kim klassens textures:  kkawaken + kkorganic + adjustments of light and shadow. This beautiful white …

12 Days of Textures

How exciting is this! Another couple of days, actually 12 days of new textures, and a lot more learning and creating with Kim Klassen. Today’s texture KK’lilly’ is lightly dabbled with music notes…I used this image also in a post here, and wanted to create something new with it…I loved the black and white image, and the subtle glow point hinting of the vibrant orange persimmons. The harshness of the freezing snow creates for me a ‘wonder in awe’ emotion…natures way of preserving goodness. Have a great day, Yvette…x

Texture Tuesday:Breathe

Inspirational photo sharing today with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, our photo project for this week was to add words to one of our chosen photo’s, add some texture, and c r e a t e . “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by it’s breathtaking moments” Michael Vance I created this image by: Base Photo + Texture: Just Cause KK + Texture: Sweetart KK + Texture: Pourvous KK + adjustments on film grain and soft focus. Added text and colour. Lilies are another one of my favourites next to roses, a regal beauty with it’s silken petals and refined beauty.In full bloom  or even tightly closed buds I love these stunning and fragrant flowers. Find more inspirational photo’s by visiting Kim Klassen’s Cafe Have a great day Yvette…x Related articles Texture Tuesday – Light( Texture Tuesday – Vintage (