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Kaleidoscope Colours

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. – Oscar Wilde   Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso The color of the object illuminated partakes of the color of that which illuminates it. – Leonardo di Vinci The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. – John Ruskin Wishing you a colourful Friday….Yvette x

Gingered Black

Here’s another design I was lucky to find from the Schweppes Limited Edition of vintage pin up girls, hailed from the 1920’s – 1950’s. This wonderful collection celebrated the historic style of Schweppes Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Soda Water and Indian Tonic Water. You can see the Indian Tonic Water bottle I found with blooming delicate roses. Designed by the Australian Design Agency Di Donato. Playing with PaintShop ProX…Black Pattern 1..playing can be fun! Black  Kaleidoscope 1  Have a great weekend everyone! Yvette…x

Inspirational Lesson One

Some of you that visit my blog may have seen a little icon to the right hand side of my blog, I enrolled myself into this amazing and inspiring course. The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, featuring Rachael Taylor  and Beth Nicholls and today I have been busy whirling with inspiration, colour, design and trying to find ‘my style’ of pattern art. For inspiration we were to look around us…and I’m always seeking inspiration for my photo’s from no further than a few steps from my door. So a look outside this morning, I soon saw inspiration in the garden. Continuing on with inspiration, we were then to combine this with objects we love in the form of strips and dots.What easier than to run for stationary card, ribbons, buttons,pens and paper. Some of my visual boards…. And here’s where it started to get a little challenging! It’s changing my perspective of how to look at things…I was reaching for the ‘graphics’ girl from within again and I actually had a lot of …

TT – Phoebe eDition

It’s been an inspiring week with Kim Klassen, who over the last few weeks has been talking about her wonderful inspirational week away with the group ‘shutter sisters’. Her sisterhood bonds and her dreams. We all have dreams, I know I have many and I’m finally finding the path, the strength from within to share those dreams… Today’s photo was taken by my niece when she visited Floriade Australia’s Spring festival. Just beautiful coloured tulips, and the curly petals I love…I called it ‘Dancing Tulips’. A photographer in the making…the texture ‘phobe’ was also inspired by one of Kim’s friends daughters…only fitting to join the two. Joining in TT over at the cafe of Kim Klassen  Have a great day everyone Yvette…x

Cockatoo Chatter

What have we been up to….children’s baking! A few week’s ago, my niece was having a farewell party at school for one of her schoolmates who was returning overseas. The decision was made to have an Australian theme. From an array of fauna and flora Australian icons, the decision was made to make those ever enjoyable cupcakes as a base and decorate them as cockatoo’s and koala’s The Sulphur-crested cockatoo can be found widely north and east of Australia, and actually right at our back door.Their distinctive raucous call can be very loud, repeat very loud. The plumage is overall white, the expressive crest is yellow. The bill is black, the legs are grey, and the eye-ring is whitish. Males typically have almost black eyes, whereas the females have a more red or brown eye. Wikipedia So, with a bit of detail, we made cockatoo cupcakes…cupcakes were a basic vanilla mixture covered in assorted lollies: banana’s,licorice,marshmallows and vanilla frosting. So, I know you’re now wondering what our koala’s looked like… Chocolate cupcakes with choc frosted …

Your Ticket to Wonderland

Photo Credits: House Beautiful, Google search, Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland,Peacock feathers, AquaMarine, Bottom left: Source Unknown. Bottom Right:Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Credits: House Beautiful palette aquamarine; Vivienne Westwood Shoe4;Mimosa Reversible Bedding in Aquamarine Zgallerie Bedding; Google Search Aquamarine,Peacock feathers,Alice in Wonderland; Cake designed by PinkCake Box; Nicholas Kirkwood Designer Shoes. Photo Credit: Center photo – Eat me miniatures, check out the talents of Cindy Teh from Snowfern don’t waste another second and go visit her charming unbelievable talent. You won’t believe your eye’s. Google search Aquamarine; House Beautiful Designer Cakes by PinkCakeBox; Google Search Alice in Wonderland,Source Unknown,The White Queen – Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland, Designer Shoe Versace Spring 2010 Collection Photo Credits:House Beautiful; Favim .com search: Alice in Wonderland, Source Unknown. …”Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of …

It’s the power of pink

Photo Credits: Inspirational photo’s from House Beautiful , Martha Stewart Weddings, Google Images: Paper Lanterns. Photo Credits: Pink Champagne Cupcakes: Culinary Serendipity, Images Google search Pink Champagne, Marie Antoniette photo’s from official site, inspirational cake making ideas from Babushka Bakery. Photo Credits: Google search Images, Martha Stewart Weddings. Photo Credits: Google Search: Pink Champagne, Coco Chanel and Pink Photo Credits: Shoes in top left corner: With the collaboration of Christian Louboutin and Jean-Francoise Lesage designing and creating these shoes . Should they come in a velvet, gold encrusted shoe box? Google Search: Marie Antoinette.Designer shoes for the movie Marie Antoinette designed by Manolo Blahnik. Photo’s from original Marie Antoinette site. With the rejoicing songs of birds of a feather, it’s been a day of sun behind clouds and falling rain. I’ve been reading some of my design magazines on line. And nearly all of them have a design in PINK section, where every tone and shade of pink can be put into our homes. From kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, fridges,mirrors and wardrobes. One of my favourite …