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TT – Natural eDition

I have to say, I’m enjoying the holidays…spending time with family, friends and enjoying my e-courses.In between not so nice Winter weather, rain and fog, I sneaked in a few photos on the natural charm of nature. Colours and textures that were around me and really taking the time to soak in the beauty of the outdoors. These camellia’s are just beautiful. Although it’s been cold, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the time sitting in front of the fire reading The Fifty Shades Trilogy…say no more! Linking to Texture Tuesday: Kim Klassen Have a wonderful week everyone. Yvette…x

The Garden Lilies

The colours of these liliums are just so vibrant, and exhibit light and fragrance to a corner of the garden. The hot sultry sun rays shine on their transparent petals, with hues of white, yellow, purple and oranges. With the music of the whispering wind, they’re like playful bells with outspread ruffled skirts, beautifully stylized and coloured, with grace as they waltz and sway in the breeze. It’s amazing how each flower has a unique pattern and colour and such an intricate flower center. I sometimes feel like Alice, in a magic garden wonderland and find myself within the enchantment of the frame of a picture perfect flower and its perfume. Lost…and whispering! Have an enchanting day, friends Yvette…x Source: Original photo’s: Copyright 2012 Yvettes Twistedvines Etchings – The Pink and White Botanical Print (Circa 1855 Book)  The Graphics Fairy and Wikipedia.