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The Garden Lilies



images8The colours of these liliums are just so vibrant, and exhibit light and fragrance to a corner of the garden. The hot sultry sun rays shine on their transparent petals, with hues of white, yellow, purple and oranges.

With the music of the whispering wind, they’re like playful bells with outspread ruffled skirts, beautifully stylized and coloured, with grace as they waltz and sway in the breeze.

It’s amazing how each flower has a unique pattern and colour and such an intricate flower center.

I sometimes feel like Alice, in a magic garden wonderland and find myself within the enchantment of the frame of a picture perfect flower and its perfume. Lost…and whispering!

Have an enchanting day, friends



Original photo’s: Copyright 2012 Yvettes Twistedvines

Etchings – The Pink and White Botanical Print (Circa 1855 Book)  The Graphics Fairy and Wikipedia.


  1. Beautiful flowers and I can imagine you being Alice
    As your pics and descriptions can only be seen and described
    through a little girls eyes who has seen the faerie world of nature

  2. These are magnificent!! The color is vibrant and I can just imagine their awesome perfume. I love how you have displayed them. Very beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful blooms, Yvette! The lily growers have worked wonders over the past decade or so. The range of colors and their combinations are just incredible, not to mention the variety of sizes now available. There is a lily for just about every place in one’s garden, full sun to partial shade.

  4. Nature certainly knows her colors and fragrances! They are beautiful flowers, and you capture them perfectly.

    Enjoy the day, Yvette,
    Marianne xo

  5. Just such a lovely and uplifting post this morning. We are caught in a blanket of white here in Canada… I miss my flowers and miss my garden, I shall be stopping at a flower shop to pick up a few lilies!

  6. lifeinarecipe says

    A great reminder that more often we need to stop and enjoy the flowers. Our ground is covered in snow right now, so the sight of your flowers is a cheerful reminder that spring is just around the corner!

  7. I am a complete sucker for pictures of bees and flowers Yvette! Happy New Year to you, what a lovely set of images 🙂

  8. Yvette, I came over from Beyond because of your writing. I am commenting on this post because I like your photo/graphics. You are very artistic. I’m looking forward to journeying with you this year at Kim’s Beyond Layers….

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