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Sandy’s Tea Society

Sandy’s Tea Society ***** by Sandy Lynam Clough   An Edible Book Review inspired by Jain at Food for Thought, and co-hosted by Mary at Home is Where the Boat is. “ As each Lady shares her original ideas for decorating and setting her tea table, graciously entertaining, developing friendships, and preparing special recipes you will be treated to a touch of heartfelt hospitality and the exciting opportunity to deepen your own friendships.” Delighting in Friendships Steeped in Love “Welcome To My Tearoom! Won’t you come in and join us? Please don’t hesitate just because you don’t know anyone else here. I have invited these special ladies to tea because they have one thing in common: They are very rich.Oh, they’re not wealthy financially. But they are truly rich because in their hearts is a wealth of warmth and caring individual style and creativity, all just waiting to be shared.” After reading this book, which I might say is a Sunday relaxing read, this book is a little treasure of images, recipes and ideas for …

Wednesdays Word # 6

Baci di Dama Delicious little shortbread biscuits. The translation…Ladies Kisses.The original recipe is from Piemont – northern Italy.Known for it’s hazelnuts. Two round hazelnut – almond shortbread biscuits joining by a kiss of chocolate in the centre. These special biscuits are just divine finishing off the evening with an espresso, or liqueur. Have you tried these? Have you made them? They’re crunchy mouth-watering bite size biscuits…Baci di Dama. Have a great coffee break! Yvette …x