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Sandy’s Tea Society

Sandy’s Tea Society *****

by Sandy Lynam Clough


An Edible Book Review inspired by Jain at Food for Thought,


and co-hosted by Mary at Home is Where the Boat is.

tea socio 2011 007

As each Lady shares her original ideas for decorating and setting her tea table, graciously entertaining, developing friendships, and preparing special recipes you will be treated to a touch of heartfelt hospitality and the exciting opportunity to deepen your own friendships.”

Delighting in Friendships Steeped in Love

tea socio 2011 006

Welcome To My Tearoom! Won’t you come in and join us? Please don’t hesitate just because you don’t know anyone else here. I have invited these special ladies to tea because they have one thing in common: They are very rich.Oh, they’re not wealthy financially. But they are truly rich because in their hearts is a wealth of warmth and caring individual style and creativity, all just waiting to be shared.”

tea socio 2011 016

After reading this book, which I might say is a Sunday relaxing read, this book is a little treasure of images, recipes and ideas for your next afternoon get together with friends. A wonderful, delightful and fun book.


tea socio 2011 021

How I would have loved one of these invitations. How about you?

tea socio 2011 023


Read on, I’ll share this book with you, an invitation to tea….

This book tantalizes our inner creativity. A world of ladies dressed in romantic gowns, vintage gloves, embellished with pearls, garlands of silk roses, stylist hats and radiant fashionable shoes.

Sandy Lynam Clough has beautifully painted all the books images capturing a truly “romantic” ambience.

tea socio 2011 017


Each lady hosts a tea party, prepares her romantic setting at the table, her house filled with perfumes and trinkets and entertains her new friends exchanging recipes and sharing beloved memories.

tea socio 2011 018

Let me introduce you to our ladies of Sandy’s Tea Society

Claudette. “ A sentimental dreamer whose flair for antiques and heirlooms take center stage at a fashion show tea”.

Each and everyone of these ladies have something wonderful to share. I thought I would pick something from each of their teas and share some of my own favourites creating a visual storybook myself of how I imagine each of these ladies to be.

This book describes beautifully each lady and her house. Her perception of beauty and all around her. As if you’re actually there sharing her love of tea and chatter.

Could this be Claudette?

 "The Graphics Fairy"

Claudette’s Invitation:

“It’s a joy to be your hostess,

I’m as honored as can be

To ask you please to join me

For a vintage fashion tea.

Join me as we celebrate

A bygone era’s charm,

Add a brooch, a shawl, or a boa

Draped across your arm.

An antique dress, a drawstring purse

We’d love to see all that –

Express your style and femininity,

Just please don’t wear a hat!”

Claudette’s gift to all of her new friends is  that they create their own hats.

Claudette’s Tea Menu:

Ribbon Sandwiches

Hat Pins (cheese straws)

Sugar scones with Sandy’s Tea Society Cream

Fashion Hat Cake

“Button” Cookies

Earl Grey Tea

tea socio 2011 120

”Claudette purchased inexpensive wide-brimmed straw hats, silk flowers,artificial fruit, feathers, yards of tulle, and lots of ribbons…before the glue was dry, they were all laughing and talking together like old friends”

tea socio 2011 125



Exchanging stories, it became apparent that they had all been influenced by their mothers’ fashion tastes”.

tea socio 2011 119

Suzette. “ A country girl at heart whose gingham and garden blossoms set off charmingly her flower-themed tea”.

Gloria.” A spirited outdoorswoman – and decidedly not a cook – who surprises herself by hosting a successful outdoor tea”.

Lillian. “A true romantic whose adoration for roses and handmade treasures provides the backdrop for an unforgettable evening at a moonlight tea”.

Laura. “A lover of books and a writer at heart whose talent for drawing people out helps to deepen friendships at a cozy fireside tea”.


tea socio 2011 071

Let’s meet Laura,

Laura had selected a heartfelt sentiment for each of her guests from her collection of antique autograph books. For each lady, she had purchased a pretty journal as a gift. On the first page, she wrote the friend’s name and the sentiment she had chosen from an old autograph book.”

tea socio 2011 077

“ Sweet as fragrant roses

It is to have a friend

On whom in storm and sunshine

You know you can depend”

tea socio 2011 089 tea socio 2011 083


Tea Menu

Hot Chicken Pillows

Apple Cake

Spiced Peach Muffins

Caramelized Bosc Pears

Orange Spice Tea

tea socio 2011 087

tea socio 2011 097

tea socio 2011 093

“ To encourage all of you to share my joy of journaling. I’ve prepared these journals as gifts…I have written questions to encourage you all to do good deeds and to guide you as you record the gifts of your days – people and experiences too precious to forget.”

Here are some questions Laura recorded in the journals…

If I could spend a whole afternoon with a pot of tea and nothing to do but think,what would I think about?

What person meant the most to me today?

What was my best opportunity to show someone love today?…

Is this Ruby?

The Graphics Fairy

Ruby. “ An artist whose stunning ability to compose beautiful scenes shines at a tea party devoted to the art of creativity”.

Ruby for me is a woman I would love to meet. Her style and creativity is one I love. Sandy describes Ruby in this book so vivid and I love her descriptive home world. Ruby invites everyone to create shoes.

…Ruby had used teacups to decorate everything…

tea socio 2011 067



Tea Menu

Cucumber Sandwiches

Chocolate Chip and Orange Scones

with Sandy’s Tea Society Cream

Plum Tart

Assorted Grapes

Little White Chocolate Mice

Strawberry Silk

Orange and Black Pekoe Tea

…Ruby tried to name all the colors of shoes she had ever owned: Pink, red, silver, pumpkin, yellow, purple, green and of course, ruby!…”

tea socio 2011 065

tea socio 2011 035

tea socio 2011 067

tea socio 2011 006

Sandy’s Tea Society

is truly a beautiful book, intriguing you into a world behind an welcoming open door of a new friend.

Six women with who didn’t know each other, but I’m sure have grown to love each others friendships, passions, and creativity.

“ Make new friends,

but keep the old.

Those are silver,

these are gold.”

tea socio 2011 008

I had a wonderful time doing this book review, thanks to the hostesses Jain at Food for Thought and Mary at Home is Where the Boat is.

Have a great day, friends


With Gratitude for the help of my sister, Vanessa. We had a fun filled day expressing our creativity together.

Vintage Ladies from The Graphics Fairy

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  1. Yvette, what a brilliant review you did for this lovely book and all of the work put into taking such wonderful photos – it’s easy to see that you and your sister had a fun day doing it all.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Yvette~ What a wonderful review~ I so want to pop over for tea & nibble on your delightful tea sandwiches & adorable shoe cookies! I LOVE all your attention to detail…your button filled sugar bowl & your photos of Claudette & Ruby are so clever to have included!

    What fun you & your sister must have had staging all these vignettes with your hats & jewelry. I love your swagged pearls & tied teacup! I so enjoyed this~ thanks for sharing your creativity with this review 🙂

  3. Yvette, how fun to have created these tea vignettes with your sister. Sounds like a fun day! Be it afternoon tea at a salon in Paris or an casual tea party with a friend in one’s home, I adore the ritual of tea. I’d be thrilled to have a cup of tea with you. Your vignettes are most inviting. Love the sugar pot spilling with the buttons, the cute cookies, the pearls ~ you did a fantastic job with this review. Thank you for sharing. ~ Sarah

  4. Very nice review of a book about tea and tea parties. My husband and I are both tea drinkers. We like coffee in the morning and drink tea in the evening. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Yvette…

  5. Yvette, you have created an exquisite tea party! Thank you for the delightful book review. I felt like one of the guests, bedecked in a vintage dress, my hair a little wavy pulled up in a low wrap with a rose tucked in for color and romance….see, you really got my imagination going!

    Thank you, and many blessings abound,

  6. lifeinarecipe says

    Impressive presentation and inspiring! I want to dress up and have a tea party..serving finger sandwiches and petits fours!

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  9. Such a delightful book review !I am definitely is going to have this book in my home library ! Thank you , Yvette !

  10. loved your post, i am so happy you joined in food for thought! isn’t it fun? i love the etxra hands of time we get with our books, and so tasty too!

    it looks like you had a ball~ i love your cookies and cupcakes, DARLING!

    thanks so much for joining in, i always love to SEE what everyone is reading~

  11. Hi: I am going to look for that book. What a beautiful post. I felt so a part of your day. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha

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  13. Hello everyone,i really enjoyed looking at these beautifull pictures! i hope i can join the fun sometime? thank you and God Bless your’e day in friendship Senga

  14. shirley schmitt says

    Im looking for info about the picture in the book above that has the gold dress hanging with the fancy boots below. I have a print s/n of it by sandy. Can you help me please, name of and /or value.
    thank you, Shirley

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