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The Garden Lilies

The colours of these liliums are just so vibrant, and exhibit light and fragrance to a corner of the garden. The hot sultry sun rays shine on their transparent petals, with hues of white, yellow, purple and oranges. With the music of the whispering wind, they’re like playful bells with outspread ruffled skirts, beautifully stylized and coloured, with grace as they waltz and sway in the breeze. It’s amazing how each flower has a unique pattern and colour and such an intricate flower center. I sometimes feel like Alice, in a magic garden wonderland and find myself within the enchantment of the frame of a picture perfect flower and its perfume. Lost…and whispering! Have an enchanting day, friends Yvette…x Source: Original photo’s: Copyright 2012 Yvettes Twistedvines Etchings – The Pink and White Botanical Print (Circa 1855 Book)  The Graphics Fairy and Wikipedia.

Black Beauty

If there’s one thing that I can’t resist its a rose, her beauty and her perfume. This week saw the last of the rose blooms in the garden, and the scent of black beauty just had to be brought inside to perfume the whole house for the last time before Spring blooms again. Hope you have some special time on the weekend, some leisure time to walk around your garden, and maybe smell the roses. Yvette…x

In my Garden

I’m enjoying the last of the Summer days left, and my garden is showing signs already of the changing season…these roses are the second blooms, still beautiful..take a look at what’s happening in my garden…

Open garden visitor

I awoke this morning to the sound of a hooter. No, it wasn’t my alarm clock sounding sick from run down was a hooter! Coming from outside I went to investigate, we’re talking early here people, around 5.30am. Obviously the early rays of sunlight encouraged the early morning walk to find something to eat. Yes, in my garden. Here he is! He was happy to prance  around the garden for about an hour, and very proud to have his photo taken. Hope you all have a Wonderful day today friends.xx

Everythings coming up Roses….

This time of the year is wonderful in the garden, after a long Winter the garden has revived itself with the first warm Spring days, and the first of my roses are in full bloom. I’ve just gone outside to do a quick count and I’m surprised I’ve now planted 200 rose bushes. From ramblers,standards and shrubs, hues of pinks, yellows, whites and reds,  border beauties, beautiful beds, old-fashioned charm and carpets of colour, even a solitary rose makes a great focal point in any garden.    I’ve always had a love for roses, and I have to admit there’s many a time when I wake up,stop and smell the roses, or take a wander in the garden and talk to them with my morning coffee….they’re so hardy and after last Winters snow it’s a miracle I didn’t lose any…every time a single new bloom appears, what ever the colour pink, white or red  for me roses symbolize love.. I think everyone has received a single rose at some time of their life…remember the time you received that rose it was …