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In my Garden

sundays garden 027

I’m enjoying the last of the Summer days left, and my garden is showing signs already of the changing season…these roses are the second blooms, still beautiful..take a look at what’s happening in my garden…

There are so many talented people and wonderful blogs out there.One of my favourites is Celia’s over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who has shared what’s happening in her garden. Looking at the different Winter season I thought I’d share with you some photo’s of what’s happening in my Summer garden. We’ve been lucky enough to have had a rather wet Summer with many rain showers, which always helps with our vineyard yielding another great crop for this year.

sundays garden 042

Not quite ready for harvesting looking at maybe the first week of September…

sundays garden 040

In the vegetable patch the last of the tomatoes are ready, mostly those will be made into homemade tomato sauce. There’s still a never-ending supply of eggplants.

sundays garden 043

The fig tree is overloaded with figs…

sundays garden 045

…with some nearly ready…

sundays garden 048

An abundant supply of Sage…

sundays garden 058

Our tree of persimmons is just overloaded again this year…however we don’t eat the fruit… but I love this tree in the winter months without leaves and the orange fruits are left on the branches to face our bitter Winter snows, a beautiful image.

sundays garden 056

There is still so much colour in my garden…

sundays garden 030

These turn red, ready for Christmas…

sundays garden 038

Even a splash of purple lilac thrown in…

sundays garden 051

And the beautiful black beauty, the perfect red rose…

sundays garden 029

So that’s what’s happening in my garden for this month. What season are you experiencing at the moment, and what’s happening in your garden?

Have a wonderful day my friends



  1. You are so lucky to have all that color in your garden my friend, it sure looks like paradise. I can see there sure is a change…the jasmine are starting just bloom…can’t wait, nothing like the smell of jasmine!! Enjoy the last days of summer!! xxx

  2. Yvette, just look at all the treasure in your garden!! Thank you for the kind words, and thank you even more for these wonderful photos. I love how quintessentially Italian so much of it is – eggplants, figs, sage, grapes – all the staples, right at your doorstep! So much promise… 🙂

  3. lifeinarecipe says

    Your flowers look so beautiful! I love having a garden full of vegetables but I can see that next year I will have to plant way more flowers..sadly my roses have finished blooming quite some time ago now.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by. You comment made my day. Looks as if you have an amazing green thumb. So jealous!
    alicia @ a beautiful mess

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