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Coming up Old Country Roses

Trio Royal Albert : Yellow Rosebud I have a few passions in my life…(she smiles) is it more than a few, when you need both hands and feet to count. The first few on top of the list besides art, food, photography, would have to be old antique roses (you know the ones with their fragrant perfumes, the ones that fill the whole room with their scent, and make you turn,stop, and smell the heart of a rose) china, white linen, the Victoriana Era, crystal, silver, and vintage hats and boxes…ok, the list is long. Back to the point of this new addition to the china section. I was cast under a spell, to a discounted sale of items in a shop…I wanted not to buy, but just couldn’t resist this trio, Royal Albert, Bone China, Old Country Roses, Ruby Collection – Yellow Rosebud, Made in England, which is even rarer these days to find. An hour or maybe two passed and yes, I had a number of new additions to my collections. So this …

Summer Tutorial

Our Summer days are here, and how I long for blue oceans, waves and a little vacation time. Sun, sand, beaches,an Australian slogan from a sun protection campaign: slip,slop,slap always comes to mind,pebbled beaches,and shells…shells!When I see shells, my minds reflections are always of Summer. For the last few weeks I’ve had a Summer blue and white theme throughout my home…summer dinner table settings, ocean themes, and here is my shell starfish.This is my first tutorial, and wanted to share this with you my friends…time is precious I know, but if you can find an afternoon to dabble in a few things creative,this shell starfish is for you… Materials to start with,you’ll need a Styrofoam star, hot glue gun and a variety of shells,and I used neutral coloured ribbon cream and grey.   Cut a 10cm long piece of ribbon and make a loop at one point of the star with your hot glue… Proceed to cover the whole styrofoam star in a wider ribbon,winding and gluing as you go around the five points and move …

Iced Centerpiece

This centerpiece is just fabulous to jazz up your fresh fruit an ice-cream platter.Made from a silicone cake mould,its very simple to make. There are so many designs nowadays available in silicone, your choice is unlimited.Here’s how to prepare your centerpiece. I used this one,a flower and bow design,also as wreath design it has a hole in the middle to serve ice-cream,cream or yoghurt. Fill the mould with water or fruit juice,add fresh small fruits  such as blueberries,strawberries,or pieces of chopped fruit and mint leaves,place on tray and leave overnight in the freezer. When frozen your iced shape is easily removed from the silicone. Fill the platter with assorted fresh fruit,place scooped ice-cream in the center and wow! Easy Entertaining, and a fun Summer Dessert. It’s also a great way to keep your Summer punch iced. Just place the iced mould into you punch bowl and it keeps it cool and iced for the rest of your serving time. Enjoy my friends, and happy entertaining!