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Summer Tutorial

ocean blue 002b

Our Summer days are here, and how I long for blue oceans, waves and a little vacation time. Sun, sand, beaches,an Australian slogan from a sun protection campaign: slip,slop,slap always comes to mind,pebbled beaches,and shells…shells!When I see shells, my minds reflections are always of Summer. For the last few weeks I’ve had a Summer blue and white theme throughout my home…summer dinner table settings, ocean themes, and here is my shell starfish.This is my first tutorial, and wanted to share this with you my friends…time is precious I know, but if you can find an afternoon to dabble in a few things creative,this shell starfish is for you…

starfish 022

Materials to start with,you’ll need a Styrofoam star, hot glue gun and a variety of shells,and I used neutral coloured ribbon cream and grey.


Cut a 10cm long piece of ribbon and make a loop at one point of the star with your hot glue…


Proceed to cover the whole styrofoam star in a wider ribbon,winding and gluing as you go around the five points and move towards the centre…



Start gluing small shells around the edge of the styrofoam star…and place one larger shell in the middle…


Your next task is to fill in the rest of the star gluing different sizes with varieties of shells…

starfish 024

Spaces between the shells can then be covered with a pearls and crystals in a variety of sizes…

starfish 026

I made this shell starfish in just under two hours.It sets off any centerpiece for your next home entertaining venue…and Summer themes and memories…

starfish 020

As this is my first tutorial I’d love to here back from you…please feel free to leave your comments…Enjoy my friends,xx


  1. I am stunned by your creativity Yvette, and so wish you were closer, I would love love love to share and learn from you. You make it look so easy (for my clumsy hands) The detail you put into the finished product, is just beautiful. It’s feminine and makes such a statement…with style and class. I think personal touch in everything, is fantastic. (You better create another seperate page for all the awards you’ll get because I intend to tell the whole wide world about this wonderful site of yours!!) Mwah x

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    Good job on your first tutorial and great project to start with! This crafty girl likes it very much! Best wishes for your future projects!

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