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Coming up Old Country Roses

Trio Royal Albert : Yellow Rosebud I have a few passions in my life…(she smiles) is it more than a few, when you need both hands and feet to count. The first few on top of the list besides art, food, photography, would have to be old antique roses (you know the ones with their fragrant perfumes, the ones that fill the whole room with their scent, and make you turn,stop, and smell the heart of a rose) china, white linen, the Victoriana Era, crystal, silver, and vintage hats and boxes…ok, the list is long. Back to the point of this new addition to the china section. I was cast under a spell, to a discounted sale of items in a shop…I wanted not to buy, but just couldn’t resist this trio, Royal Albert, Bone China, Old Country Roses, Ruby Collection – Yellow Rosebud, Made in England, which is even rarer these days to find. An hour or maybe two passed and yes, I had a number of new additions to my collections. So this …

Christmas Decor

Is that right…eleven days till Christmas!…Is everyone else organized? Your trees are decorated, your wreath has prime spot on your door, presents wrapped, baubles are shiny and ribbon is curled! I’m not quite there yet!…how about you? Today’s texture KK –Annabelle from Kim Klassen is part of our 12 days of Textures series, leading up to Christmas, each day it’s a lovely surprise what inspiration arrives from this very talented and creative artist. Have a great day everyone Yvette…x Source: Twas the Night before Christmas Poem, Clement Moore; Etching The Graphic Fairy

Advent Cheer

Theirs are the little fingers, who can’t yet tie a bow, theirs are the smiles that you see with sparkle in their eyes, theirs are the cheers at the time of play…a little group of friends who each Sunday we meet and say a little prayer together, play a little song,sing and dance together and learn and listen to stories. The past couple of months I have been teaching Children’s Liturgy, a little group of people with big hearts and armfuls of hugs and love…and who have also taught me to take the time, and cherish the ‘ah ha’ moments… Advent is a time of preparation, and the last couple of weeks we’ve been preparing an Advent Christmas wreath for the Red Cross Christmas Wreath and Tree Competition. With so many new and exciting idea’s, we decided on the Advent colour of purple combining tulle, ribbons, baubles and of course some bling, I made these little signs…using hot silicone glue and white paint, the words Peace, Love, Hope (purple candles) Joy (pink candle) and Christ …

TT – The ‘AndThenSome’ eDition

I don’t know about any of the other participants of TT, but it was missed last week. The whole of last week passed me by in a flash and no sooner I turned round, I had missed the whole week. And now it’s Texture Tuesday already. This week our challenge was to use Kim Klassen’s texture ‘And Then Some’.   I know, it’s a strange thing when even a dry wrinkled ruffled petal rose bloom, can still be attractive and inspirational for me to photograph. This rose is called ‘Peace’. Photo recipe: Both Photo 1 and 2 have the texture ‘And then Some’. Photo 3 has the additional texture – ‘Autumnburst’ Visit Kim Klassen’s Cafe here and see some of the other works of art. Have a great day, everyone Yvette…x

I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Peace on earth, goodwill to men Do you hear what I hear? For the bells were ringing In my heart I hear them Like a choir singing Does anybody hear them? Peace on earth, goodwill to men. For the bells were ringing In our hearts we’ll hear them   Peace on earth, goodwill to men. Do you hear the bells? They’re like angels singing.   Open your heart and hear them. Peace in my world, Peace in your world, Peace in our world… These inspirational  words come from the song is today’s prompt for ‘Twas the write before Christmas linked to bigger picture blogs take a couple of minutes and listen to the song. I heard the bells on Christmas day   Wishing you peace, joy and happiness. Yvette…x