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TT – The ‘AndThenSome’ eDition

I don’t know about any of the other participants of TT, but it was missed last week. The whole of last week passed me by in a flash and no sooner I turned round, I had missed the whole week. And now it’s Texture Tuesday already.

This week our challenge was to use Kim Klassen’s texture ‘And Then Some’.

ruffled petals 1


ruffled petals 3

I know, it’s a strange thing when even a dry wrinkled ruffled petal rose bloom, can still be attractive and inspirational for me to photograph. This rose is called ‘Peace’.

ruffled petals 2

Photo recipe:

Both Photo 1 and 2 have the texture ‘And then Some’. Photo 3 has the additional texture – ‘Autumnburst’

Visit Kim Klassen’s Cafe here and see some of the other works of art.


Have a great day, everyone



    • Wow, it’s amazing how #3 seems to be more appealing…I would never had picked it! Thanks for calling by x

    • Thanks Mandy, The perfume of these roses remained no longer, but they were crying out for a lasting shot of beauty! Have a great week! x

    • Thanks, Spring is certainly here…and the warmer weather.The roses are in full bloom..I so love this season!

  1. Yvette, I certainly know what you mean about the week flying by. Your photos are simply elegant. I love the pink ‘voice’ of the first. How the pink say’s “look at me, I’m making my mark in the world”. And I do agree most strongly with ‘theonlycin’..the third photo would make lovely writing paper! No doubt about it.

    Glad to visit with you today. Enjoy and keep the creative spirit in everything you do.

    Marianne xo

    • Marianne,in#1 It’s that ruffled petticoat soft elegant look…you once described of one of my photo’s. These roses did have a textured ‘crunch’ to them however. But the tonal colours I still couldn’t resist photgraphing. Have a wonderful day,Yvette x

  2. Lovely photos! I do love the first one – I think because that view shows more of the lovely combination of pink and yellow in this rose.

    • Hi Pat, thanks for calling by, the added texture work, does give these photo’s a reborned look. I too love #1.

  3. You’ve photographed my absolutely favourite rose . . . “Peace” . . .I too find flowers as they begin to wane quite beautiful. I don’t see it as decay but rather a fulfilled satisfaction . . .Lovely work on the images . . .I enjoyed looking at them. Teresa x

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