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TT – Anything Goes eDition

What fun, when we’re free to experiment with different textures and create our own style adding, highlighting, and sharpening an image until we feel it’s perfect. This week stopping by Kim Klassens Cafe we’re free and easy to show off our photo’s. My photo this week  was taken of old vintage things, antique silver…with a colourful exquisite tulip. Recipe for this photo: Layer 1: background photo – twistedvines original + Layer 2: kkcoolgrunge 100% + Layer3: kkautumnburst 100% +Layer4: tint 60% +Layer5: sharpen 22% (Picasa 3) Here’s the original: Thanks for calling by and catch up with some wonderful photographers and their inspirational techniques by calling by Kim Klassen’s Cafe. Have a great week Yvette…x

Texture Tuesday – Vintage

Lace, pearls, antique roses, subtle creamy colours. Today’s theme for Textile Tuesday is VINTAGE. The first photo I used Kim Klassens texture: Serendipity+lifesgood+warmsun.worked with highlights and shadows. The second I used, Kim Klassen’s  new texture: kkpourvous+kklifesgood+worked on tinting. You must understand photo texture is all NEW to me. And I want to say it’s all very adventurous and therapeutic!   But can we really make any mistakes.!We all have different views ,visions and interpretations of something creative and artful. The originals follow: Thanks for visiting today, and joining in with Texture Tuesday, linked to Kim Klassens Cafè. Have a great day, friends Yvette…x

Fluffy Pink centered Chocolate Eggcups & Tea

“Entertaining is a memory business because the pleasures of your hospitality become immortal in the memories of your guests.” The whimsical setting of our afternoon included feathered friends, Spring nests, Royal Albert teacups and charming chocolate delights filled with fluffy pink mousse.I couldn’t resist pearls, satin ribbons and silver. Antique Easter images and eggs. The afternoon sunlight filtering through the window, and the underlying music , left us under an inspiring cloud  capturing the finer things, and forgotten memories. I made these dainty coconut rough chocolate and mousse eggcups and used the same method in making these as my birds nests here   Continue reading to see my Tea Service and Recipe…

Still Going Strong

Some things are just too valuable   to throw away. Some might think this tractor is one of those things, it’s not used anymore for work,its… Full of rust and  broken bits, let’s just get rid of this rust bucket. But this tractor will never leave  the hearts of our family, and will never be thrown to that steel yard. These are all the original parts. Don’t you just love the hexagon shaped key. There’s something about Black and White photo’s that give that vintage, old look, but friends this old motor is still running, and has been running since Nineteen Sixty Three – 1963. One of hubby’s comments was that this motors been ticking as long as his heartbeat…this tractor was bought by his father in the same year he  was born… A true family treasure.