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Still Going Strong

old tractor b

Some things are just too valuable   to throw away. Some might think this tractor is one of those things, it’s not used anymore for work,its… Full of rust and  broken bits, let’s just get rid of this rust bucket. But this tractor will never leave 

the hearts of our family, and will never be thrown to that steel yard.

old tractor d

These are all the original parts. Don’t you just love the hexagon shaped key.

old tractor f

old tractor e

There’s something about Black and White photo’s that give that vintage, old look, but friends this old motor is still running, and has been running since Nineteen Sixty Three – 1963.

old tractor g

One of hubby’s comments was that this motors been ticking as long as his heartbeat…this tractor was bought by his father in the same year he  was born…

old tractor c

A true family treasure.


  1. Wow Yvette, these pics are great and nothing like vintage in black and white, I love the contrast of the last one and your husbands saying about his heartbeat, will stay with me for a while!! Thanks for sharing and hope you’re having a great weekend. Raining cats and dogs here 😦 xxxxx Hugs xxx

  2. Great photographs from yesteryear. Farming has changed a lot yet some things never change. Its still hard work. Thank you for sharing these great old photos, Yvette. Blessings to you…

    • It also puts a smile on my face when I hear this old thing it has a real putt putt sound to it’s motor!

  3. Love these photos Yvette and your appreciation of the fact that just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of it! We drove an old Fiat the years that we lived in Gargano.. no radio, crank windows and we had to have seat belts added to the back seat when our daughter was born to hold her carseat in… I loved that little car, looked kind of like a yellow Taxi all boxy. Thanks for posting such great photos.

    • There seems to be alot more of that type of (old ,but don’t get rid of it) “stuff” lying around, this tractor however seems to be in the hearts of everyone!
      Thanks for calling by.

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