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A memorable stepping stone…



One of the unfortunate things of living a long distance from home, is that my wedding day was only shared with my immediate family.Family and friends sent me warm wishes for the day, so I had everyone there in spirit.

As most of my family and friends, haven’t seen these memorable moments from my wedding day… leading up to our 6th wedding anniversary I’d love to share with you this special day in my life.

I had the blessing of my parents, sister , her  husband and my niece making the long trip over to spend seven weeks before the day with me.  I was so surprised when Dad said he was coming over. He’d never flown before and Australia to Europe is a long trip. But they arrived and the wedding plans went into action.

My images in my mind were simple, elegant and of course no meringue dresses! 

 I didn’t want the confined atmosphere of a restaurant, set time limits or set menu’s. So the decision was made to have a garden wedding, not a common thing here in Italy. Our space, no time limits, just a party atmosphere. So ahead went the plans. I have to admit here is where the language barriers were stretched to extremes. Thinking about it now, it was a real challenge…setting my pace, I managed my time in between work commitments, family outings and every spare minute I  had, I think I was even going through every step  in my sleep. Was this nervousness? Not for the actual commitment of marriage, but the acceptance from Silvano’s family and friends and a personal challenge to myself that I could achieve that magical memorable fairytale wedding. Myself and my sister did all the decorations – we work well together, we’re not wedding planners but have organised a few in the past.

This is a fresh daisy heart I made with our initials in pearls.


wedding - daisy heart initials

One of my themes that I wanted to carry through the wedding were our initials, Y & S. From table settings, place settings, bombinere, invitations and decorations.

This was our table placing ladder. The ladder, for the day had a face lift, otherwise it’s usually lying around in the shed.

wedding - table seating ladder

With a garden wedding even the obvious is needed…w c tags…

wedding - wc tags

wedding - wc

My colour theme was a rich burgundy, with white linen and flowers.

wedding - table settings

 The marque was constructed in our backyard, with the wonderful backdrop of our vineyard.


Our initials were on the centre pieces I designed and also our bombinere, instead of sugared almonds, my sister organised custom made rock candy, what a delight, something different and chic!

wedding - bombinere

A look at my flowers tomorrow and my sister’s talent…


  1. Wow…that looks magical and even more special because you did it!!! Nothing like memories of THAT special day. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby…and a piece of my heart from Australia…with love:) As always….thanks for sharing xx

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