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wedding 2 015

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.

I was over the moon, when my sister finally arrived from Australia to help me with my wedding plans. I was missing something, and  when she arrived everything was easier,she made the long trip even 5 months pregnant.

There’s a four year difference between us, me being the eldest, but we have always been close. Sure I remember the childhood screaming and the pigtail pulling and scratching to get the attention. But we’ve grown a lot closer, now more than ever when “parent” family decisions have to be made.

She has her own loving family now, two children growing up fast, we mightn’t see each other , as we’re now living miles apart …but we speak to each other often.

We’ve shared good and hard times…laughed together, cried together, felt heartache together…

She helped make my wedding day beautiful with all her talented works,and I thank her for sharing this wonderful day with me…

wedding 2 010

My niece was flower girl, and just a little princess…

wedding 2 017

My sisters handwork embroidery initials on the back bow of her dress…

wedding 2 015cAnd every princess loves blowing bubbles…

wedding 2 011 

Thank you for the great memories of my special day, Grazie 1000….a thousand thank you’s…xxxx


  1. Awww….what a beautiful wedding – all the detail, so lovely. You looked stunning!!
    (Just thought I’d fill you in – Julia Gillard has just been chosen as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister) Take care my friend…I always enjoy your blog so much. x

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