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Remember When


rose garden

An Italian friend of mine asked me to translate this song for him, he loved the melody and wanted to know the meaning of the words, as he had discovered a new country sound of Alan Jackson…after the first time listening to it, the second, the third it became also one of my favourites…there’s  a real message.

Reading Buttercups blog today, her link can be found in my blogroll…she asked, “whats your song”, for the moment this is my song,Remember When a few minutes of quiet and serenity,to reflect on the little precious things in our life, the people close to us, and those not within arms reach…. hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh my…this has brought a tear to my eye…and I can tell you it’s going to be one of my favourites also. Thanks so much for mentioning me….~ Sending love your way ~ x

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