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Whistle Stop Cafè –no fried green tomatoes!

I’m sure everyone thinks of the Whistle Stop Cafè and Fanny Flagg in her country overalls making famous -  fried green tomatoes. But I’m not frying green tomatoes today instead conserving them under oil. One of my Nonna’s recipes.

An image comes to mind of when I was little…helping my Nonna pick green tomatoes ready for conserving under oil…I remember how I use to sit at the farms laminated kitchen table and watch my Nonna prepare jars and jars of green tomatoes.I instantly think of this image every year when the gardens full of tomato bushes with their plentiful supply of juicy plump tomatoes. So sneaking out to grab a few green tomatoes, I’m on the run to get them pickled and undercover before anyone notices…

misto 19 015

misto 19 012 

Recipe: Preserved Green Tomatoes

1 kg of green firm tomatoes

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup of water

fine table salt

estimated guess 300ml of olive oil depending on jar size.

1 garlic clove

oregano and fennel seeds

irrigation 026 

Slice the green tomatoes into thin slices,layering and salting them,place in a colander to drain.

irrigation 029

Place a plate and something heavy on them , (a few cans of peas will do fine) and leave in sink overnight.

irrigation 031

The next day, bring to the boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar.

Turn off heat, when this mixture has cooled a little… the fun begins.

Place the sliced green tomatoes,a few at a time into this liquid, leave for a few minutes, place on a kitchen tea towel to dry. Make sure the tomatoes are dry as water can deteriorate the conserve.irrigation 035

Then in sterilized glass jars  layer the  green tomatoes with a sprinkle of oregano, fennel seeds, and thinly sliced garlic.Layering to the top and pressing down,so that they’re packed in tightly…clearing all air bubbles.Leave the jars over night,opened,but covered,the next morning check the level of oil at the rim of the jar…you may need to add more oil.Close tightly the lid and leave in a cool, dark place.

misto 19 019

After a few weeks, this method of conserving , leaves the green tomatoes softened, to be accompanied with fresh bread and a cheese platter,or even an oven roasted pork roll.

It’s a traditional method of conserving green tomatoes, and one that you should try…



  1. That movie was always such a favourite many moons ago. The green tomatoes sound delicious, I’ve always wanted to try them but don’t seem to see them. Hope the tomatoes weren’t too damaged in the storm.

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