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Rose Petal Pink

Pink is part of my world. You won’t find any pink in my wardrobe apart from a newly purchased pair of pink pearl earrings…on the good advise from a friend. You’ll however find pink, not lollipop pink more like antique rose pink in my house… rose frosted glassware,freshly cut pink roses,scatted pink rose petals, rose colored champagne, rose cake tins and the list goes on.

in my kitchen 002

misto 12 019

However,my childhood memories are lollipop pink. The strawberry pink milkshakes and ice creams, marshmallows and hundreds and thousands. Going to the local fair hand in hand with my Nonno (grandfather) to buy pink fairy floss and maybe you remember those dollies on sticks, antique looking with plastic painted hair,wanting to choose first, the one in the pink dress. I remember my mother dressing me in a Sundays best pink crochet dress and funny enough my 21st birthday party was all pink with hand painted rose invitations, so yes pink is part of my world.

Why all this talk about pink…Today I received a lovely pink  award…it’s pretty and pink…and a wonderful pink gift…don’t you agree!


With heartfelt thanks to the kindness of Amanda who nominated me for this award.She is truly a gifted and creative poet, her words, beautiful images and songs always send a message and leaves me within a longing minute of reflection and pure harmony. You are talented my friend.x

Now on receiving this award, there are some pink rules to follow, they’re not too hard to they are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award…thanks again Amanda

2.Share 7 things about yourself…a bit of a challenge but here goes…

*I’m true to my star sign, June born, Cancer…a family,home loving person.My life evolves around my “home”.Organized down to the last detail.

*I love entertaining in my home,friends gathering for a home cooked meal, sharing their loves, life and laughter with a good glass of wine.Nothing better!

*I stand out…I’m a red/blonde,blue eyed,pale skin and freckled Aussie living in Italy.

*My heart was captured by a gentle Italian man and life’s an adventure living in his homeland…That’s Amore!

*I love old photographs,every photo has a hidden story,white linen – first things to pack in my suitcase,cooking and creative hands.

*A country bumpkin,at an early age went to boarding school in the city…finished school went off to study, graduating in Graphic Design.

*Last one…My dream one day is to own my own B & B, capturing home comforts on foreign soil and sharing my love of Italy, for now I love my blogging time, meeting new talented friends and sharing the little things that mean so much to me…

All done lets continue with the pink rules…

3.Pass the award along to: I chose 7  bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason.

4.Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know all about the award

Here are my nominations for this lovely pink award

Celia, who is one talented cook,sharing her love of cooking and baking skills and urban living.A great story teller…check out her chooks!Makes you feel at home…

Brydie,a creative home-style girl who shares her love of food and  family stories, beautiful photo’s, a real gem.

Cathy, an aussie living in Italy, sharing her love of her “little” Italy with a touch of Oz always thrown in.

Diane,Spoon & Chair…a precise account of her kitchen and garden…a home makers blog…

Lorenza,A taste of my life…a young cook, who is eager to capture new styles and tastes in her cooking…writes in her mother language Italian,and sometimes takes the challenge of translating into English…a real achiever…

Phatfoodie,just love her creative writings on home cooked food…every recipe tells a story… a real charming blog…

Wendy,a vegetarian cook/baker, a new found blog,…a real bakers delight!

So my friends have a look at these fantastic cooks and their blogs,they’re all worthy of this pink award… and enjoy!


  1. Awww…this is awesome!! Thank you my friend for accepting this award and for sharing part of you!! This post is very touching and so wonderfully expressed. I am honored to have you as a friend!! Have a fabulous weekend and thanks so much again!! Love always ~ Amanda xx

  2. Thank you SO much! I can’t wait to check out all of your other nominated blogs — that’s what is so great about the blogging world – the supportive and friendly community! XXOO Diane

  3. Thanks for the award Yvette. I am so pleased that I have found another blogging Aussie.

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