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After the Storm

The early hours of this morning we were awoken by rain,hailstones and violent winds.No electricity,alarms,sirens and an eerie,scary view from our windows.Yesterday,with scorching temperatures,obviously it was natures way of cooling things down.

We were lucky in one respect only one tree fell due to these forceful winds,we were amazed that there wasn’t more damage, the vineyard survived.! One of our friends lost his whole crop with damage from hailstones.

garden 001

This is the tree that fell on the roadside in front of our house. After harvesting this was the first Sunday morning home in a long time for Silvano, but had to work just the same…garden 004

We’ve had grey skies all day, as the hour of sun set approaches however the suns rays are dazzling and playing shadows within the garden.

garden 016

garden 018

garden leaves 020

Oak tree and acorns….

garden leaves 047 The photo above…plant unknown


The vineyard…these are table grapes,which we’ve grafted onto one vine…


garden 012 These are Pinot Grigio…garden 007


A Sunday full of daydreams,writing and reading…quality time for me and with my man…

garden 024

My friends,I hope you had a wonderful weekend…and are re-energized for another working week…have a great one! xx


  1. Me too…I’ve survived cyclones while living in Broome,Western Australia.Last night brought back some of those memories…it was a sleepless night xx

  2. Oh my, so happy to hear it was not too bad!! Yep, I can vouch for terrible storms here too!! Wonderful pictures my friend, you’re quite the photographer too and I love it! xx

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