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Pita Bread Pizza

You know those days when you have a list of things to do, and in the end you get it all done…but oh no what’s for dinner? Tonight was one of those nights…

starfish 006

Pita bread pizza’s…Quick,easy and delicious…

Pita breads are so versatile…Place pita bread on ovenproof paper,sprinkle a little olive oil and place under grill.When that side is cooked,flip pita and start putting on your favourite toppings.Fresh tomato,red pepper,sliced turkey, mozzarella cheese,sun dried tomatoes,oregano,and chilli flakes.

starfish 002

A few minutes under the grill,until cheese has melted and wow! dinner is ready,serve with a fresh green salad



  1. Oh my god, it’s almost noon and I am starving!!! Girlfriend, you do it to me all the time!! So yummy…my saliva’s working overtime:) Love yah x

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