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I’ve just spent four wonderful days relaxing with Silvano and friends in the mountains, on the Italian – Austrian border. A great getaway, staying in a Wellness Centre, spa’s, sauna’s, fine dining, visiting local spots and relaxing. The mountains are just beautiful this time of the year, and we had great weather to travel around sightseeing.

I hope you can enjoy with me through this visual impact a few minutes of the serene atmosphere I felt during the last couple of days. Truly a magical atmosphere through the beauty with nature.


  1. Welcome back girlfriend, I truly missed you but happy you had an awesome time. These pictures are just beautiful and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Mwah x

    • Thanks Amanda..even just a couple of days amongst this beauty,after a few hours I felt like a diff. person.Truly a magical spot. x

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