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Frangipani Fig Tart with Almond Crumble

I’ve been changing recipes, adapting, researching and experimenting. The kitchen has been almost like a science lab. I started with an item I had purchased a couple of months ago at a market street stall. I had lots of ideas in mind of how I might use the product ‘tar10’ Sticky Fig, but as I’m limiting my grains, my idea of an upside cake was about to change. I then thought of a frangipani tart using almond meal,  the goddess of cooking had sprinkled her flour dust and I was on the search for ideas. I remember, Gary Mehigan from MasterChef Australia had made a Fig Tart with Pistachio Crumble, so what a great start to a recipe. I had also seen an easy gluten free tart crust made by Elana from Elana’s Pantry. So with a little dabble of one and a dash of another, with a few changes, I’m happy with the result.

A kind of Beautiful

It’s time to face the music… self portrait It’s been a changing moment…or is it just one point that I’ve arrived at before, started and then found a different direction. Are we ever happy with the now? I’ll do that when…I’m feeling happy, when I’m ten kilo’s lighter, when I meet the right person, when! , when?, when. Let’s just start living the now. I’m at this point again, lift my head high and face the music, however this time I’m writing the music and my own lyrics. Start enjoying every little ‘moment’. Enjoy the company of family, the company of friends, but most importantly know who that person in the mirror really is, the reflective you. With all the extra lines of time, the freckles, the blemishes. My journey with Kim Klassen and Beyond Layers, ( Beyond Layers II registrations now open) has been just that a journey of peeling back so many emotions, so many feelings, grasping for air, a ray of sunshine or a falling tear. Beyond Layers is 52 weeks of …

Textures and the ever Changing Mode.

Time has passed since my last post, and I’ve missed writing in this creative journal of mine.I’ve been itching to get back into it, truth being how do I push off from this starting point? Do I have the opportunity to take a new innovative direction? Should I change anything? What are you as the reader wanting to read, see, hear? What am I really wanting to write, learn, cook, paint? Yes,I think it’s time to put some new colour into my world! How can I capture your intriguing eyes and voice? I’ve had time with family and friends, reminiscing over good food, wine, music and the younger years, and interesting enough, hearing the reactions of those dear friends to this little blog of mine. My time was also thinking about the many directions and avenues life can take us. The influences of surrounding ourselves with positive attitudes,thoughts and knowledge. Sifting through the many voices and listening to those little whispers of encouragement to move on. Those influencing whispers to strive to achieve many of …


I’ve just spent four wonderful days relaxing with Silvano and friends in the mountains, on the Italian – Austrian border. A great getaway, staying in a Wellness Centre, spa’s, sauna’s, fine dining, visiting local spots and relaxing. The mountains are just beautiful this time of the year, and we had great weather to travel around sightseeing. I hope you can enjoy with me through this visual impact a few minutes of the serene atmosphere I felt during the last couple of days. Truly a magical atmosphere through the beauty with nature.

Rose Petal Pink

Pink is part of my world. You won’t find any pink in my wardrobe apart from a newly purchased pair of pink pearl earrings…on the good advise from a friend. You’ll however find pink, not lollipop pink more like antique rose pink in my house… rose frosted glassware,freshly cut pink roses,scatted pink rose petals, rose colored champagne, rose cake tins and the list goes on. However,my childhood memories are lollipop pink. The strawberry pink milkshakes and ice creams, marshmallows and hundreds and thousands. Going to the local fair hand in hand with my Nonno (grandfather) to buy pink fairy floss and maybe you remember those dollies on sticks, antique looking with plastic painted hair,wanting to choose first, the one in the pink dress. I remember my mother dressing me in a Sundays best pink crochet dress and funny enough my 21st birthday party was all pink with hand painted rose invitations, so yes pink is part of my world. Why all this talk about pink…Today I received a lovely pink  award…it’s pretty and pink…and a …

Iced Centerpiece

This centerpiece is just fabulous to jazz up your fresh fruit an ice-cream platter.Made from a silicone cake mould,its very simple to make. There are so many designs nowadays available in silicone, your choice is unlimited.Here’s how to prepare your centerpiece. I used this one,a flower and bow design,also as wreath design it has a hole in the middle to serve ice-cream,cream or yoghurt. Fill the mould with water or fruit juice,add fresh small fruits  such as blueberries,strawberries,or pieces of chopped fruit and mint leaves,place on tray and leave overnight in the freezer. When frozen your iced shape is easily removed from the silicone. Fill the platter with assorted fresh fruit,place scooped ice-cream in the center and wow! Easy Entertaining, and a fun Summer Dessert. It’s also a great way to keep your Summer punch iced. Just place the iced mould into you punch bowl and it keeps it cool and iced for the rest of your serving time. Enjoy my friends, and happy entertaining!

Tea for me and Tea for you….Tea for Two

Make a cup of tea and stay with me for a few minutes, relax and enjoy. Sometimes a cup of tea, just does the trick. A soothing cup of tea relaxing with a book, or these days in front of the computer,with fellow blogging friends.Or finishing off an evening combined with five minutes of solitude. A winter warmer, a summer iced treat. A fragrant favorite of mine is “Tisana Meditazione” – Meditation Tea. It’s a combination of mint, cinnamon, sunflower petals, rose petals,chamomile and lavender. The fragrance of lavender is known to relax and soothe the mind and body. Lavender  tea is known to ease insomnia, help calm nervousness and anxiety. Alleviate colds ,coughs,bronchitis and similar respiratory problems. Fatigue and headaches. Funny enough two of my favourite teas both have lavender in them. Meditation Tea is very fragrant, sweet and soothing if you can find this combination I recommend trying it. Another favourite is “Tisana Dolce Sonno” meaning Sweet Dreams or Sleep, so I guess the title says it all. It’s ingredients are passionfruit leaves, …

Wheat Harvesting

The green machine has been working hard the last couple of weeks and is finally on the  homeward stretch. The days start early and finish late, and the eyes on the weary faces tell a story on their own, as sleep is limited throughout harvest.The last days always seem to be the longest and the hottest, as we’re experiencing high temperatures at the moment. The wheat fields at the beginning of the season are covered in red poppies as they stretch their stems to reach the first golden sun rays of the new spring days. With time, sun and our spring showers, the wheat fields change a bright green colour. And then change a dry golden yellow when ready to harvest. Ready for my winter garlands, I prepare and clean a new bunch of wheat, cleaning the stems,spray with lacquer to preserve it from any pests and leave to dry.