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TT – The Outside eDition

‘Sunshine Ripples’ This week has been awesome. Busy, exciting and inspirational. How about yours? This week, Kim offered a different challenge, that we might like to take a walk in the outdoors and take as many photo’s as we saw fit. This was the early morning sunshine just behind these marvelous trees as I went for my early morning walk. Wonderful sunshine beams and radiant warmth, to chase the crisp air of a Winters morning away. Linking to: Yvette…x

Autumn TeaTime

With all these wonderful warm colours of Autumn, there’s nothing better than sitting by a sunlit window, sipping a cup of warm tea and eating a piece of Banana Nutmeg Cake. Sharing with you my new Royal Albert – Country Roses serving plate. A lovely oval design with cross-hatching embossing,filigree and gold trim, with handles of beautiful cut-out hearts. A beautiful addition to my china collection. For afternoon tea, there’s a serving of freshly homemade Banana Nutmeg Cake, served in petite paper doilies, and Royal Albert – Country Roses serviettes.   Welcome to all those lovely ladies, who are joining me for tea, and a chat in the afternoon sunlight. Wish you were all here, relaxing with me, just a little time for you and me, and see the beautiful hues of Autumn in our garden. Piping hot tea served in Royal Albert, bone china petite Val d’or tea cups, and beautiful paper filigree heart  – place cards. Can you see your name?   Here’s my quick recipe for Banana Nutmeg Cake 1/2 cup sugar …


I wanted to share these  photos with you friends, of a couple of my relaxing days this Summer with friends and finding the tranquility of our beautiful beaches and waterways. Relax this Sunday, won’t you… Yvette…x

Natures Splendor

Do we ever get the time to sit still and relax? Do the things we love, find the time for comfort and happiness…I always seem to return behind the camera and capture the moment, the mood and the feeling of the day,somehow reflecting  the inner me. Find the time to look at nature and all her splendor! Yvette…x


I’ve just spent four wonderful days relaxing with Silvano and friends in the mountains, on the Italian – Austrian border. A great getaway, staying in a Wellness Centre, spa’s, sauna’s, fine dining, visiting local spots and relaxing. The mountains are just beautiful this time of the year, and we had great weather to travel around sightseeing. I hope you can enjoy with me through this visual impact a few minutes of the serene atmosphere I felt during the last couple of days. Truly a magical atmosphere through the beauty with nature.