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Roasting chestnuts

Nothing like a change of weather. With a continuous drizzle, windy and overcast grey day we decided to warm our stomachs with fresh roasted chestnuts.

misto2 002

misto2 001

misto2 014

misto2 003

misto2 005

misto2 006

Roasting until the skins charcoal and split…

misto2 011

misto2 020

An afternoon spent with family, roasting chestnuts a chat and some laughter…




  1. Calling by for the first time, found you via Just An Aussie girl whom I live fairly close to. I cannot believe you are already roasting chestnuts in northern Italy!

    • Hi there,thanks for calling by…these were the last of our stored chestnuts from last year..yesterday,seemed like a real “winters” day,and we were all home so we had a family gathering..Autumn roasted chestnuts! …Yvette

    • something different!it’s quite difficult to get everyone together, but it seemed like a perfect opportunity with the grey/chilly weather…Yvette x

  2. Sounds wonderful! I have only actually seen chestnuts once in my life when my Dad roasted some in the oven one Christmas… your way looks much more fun!

  3. Please, please teach me how to do this!:) We can never seem to get it right – the inner skins stick and burn our fingers when we try to peel them off. Yours look absolutely perfect – reminds me of a European holiday from my childhood, when we passed street vendors selling roasted chestnuts during a snowy Christmas season…lovely memories! 🙂

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