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Natures Splendor

Do we ever get the time to sit still and relax? Do the things we love, find the time for comfort and happiness…I always seem to return behind the camera and capture the moment, the mood and the feeling of the day,somehow reflecting  the inner me.

misto autumn 062

misto autumn 064

misto autumn 071

misto autumn 003

misto autumn 001

misto autumn 053

misto autumn 011

misto autumn 016

misto autumn 074

Find the time to look at nature and all her splendor!



    • My title of the post could as read “Changing Season,Changing Moods!” Truly a reflective time for me!Yvette x

  1. lifeinarecipe says

    Beautiful pictures…your time out reveals an autumn very similar to our own!

    • Thanks for calling by.Changing in many ways and one was a more clean,crisp blog! How true images without words reflect the moment!Yvette x

    • I love sharing the changing seasons and natures colours, we all need a reflective moment!Thanks for calling by! Yvette x

  2. Dear Yvette, I love your photos, autumn is a funny time. The seasons are certainly more defined here in Italy, than I found in Sydney. I really the new look for the blog. Have a good weekend! 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy, Autumn yes,is upon us! And the wet weather to go along with it.Have a wonderful weekend.Yvette x

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