Christmas Cheer
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‘Twas the write before Christmas…Day 2

M agical kisses stolen beneath

In a quiet moment our lips touched

Silence and peace, our love entwined

Together in a passing moment

Love and joy,happy dreams

Every stolen kiss, how I long for your caress

Time and hope stays within my heart

Over and over in my mind

Every moment away from you,I remember that one magical kiss….








Day Two Prompt:

“Underneath the mistletoe last night…”


Join in the Christmas spirit and enrich our blogs with Christmas joy. By linking up to bigger picture blogs join in and share whatever the prompts inspire.

Share your stories, poems, photo’s, baking or crafts. Whatever the inspiration…all have a way of making us feel the bond of Christmas Cheer.

Peace my friends



  1. I remember the excitement of the mistletoe suspended over a doorway as a young girl running through it, not wishing to look like I was begging for a kiss. Of course, I was hoping that a handsome prince would meet me at the pass. Ha! Lovely poem, Yvette. Blessings to you…

  2. I can feel the passion, the yearning in this poem.

    Also, I love the feel of the poem — the cursive letters of each first word increase the romatic flavor.

    Nice job with today’s prompt.

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