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A Southern Hemisphere Christmas

                      Although some of you may well be over the Christmas Day cheers and shaken berocca’s. I end the Christmas month of December sharing with you one of my all time favourite Christmas ‘sweet’ recipes. Of course this can be made anytime of the year as walnuts are available all year round now. However, it’s our family tradition to make it over the Christmas month. Torta di Noce (Italian Walnut Cake). This was our third platter made up of Torta di Noce and Florentines for our mixed ‘sweet’ platters of Chocolate Rum Balls and Christmas Sugar Cheer. I’m also sharing photo’s of our family Christmas celebration – A Christmas Summertime in the southern hemisphere.

Christmas Tree.

‘Twas the write before Christmas #4 ‘This one will do fine, this one is perfect!.’ The tree I have happy memories of. It’s the tree that took me on an adventure with Daddy. The forest was filled with trees, but to find the perfect one, wasn’t my choice at all, it was Daddy’s choice. He knew which one was best to take home, he knew which one would make Mummy smile. Riding in the rusty pick-up was always the adventure I looked forward to every year, I’d stretch my neck to see the road, but Daddy knew the way, he always found the way. I was content to ride in that rusty truck, it was my time with Daddy to go on our special trip to find our special tree. Not too small, and not too big…the perfect tree. Our Christmas tree. I knew that scent, the perfume of pines. I love the smell of the pines, the undercroft bed of pointed needles, just like a prickly porcupine, and the intriguing shape of the pine …

Advent Cheer

Theirs are the little fingers, who can’t yet tie a bow, theirs are the smiles that you see with sparkle in their eyes, theirs are the cheers at the time of play…a little group of friends who each Sunday we meet and say a little prayer together, play a little song,sing and dance together and learn and listen to stories. The past couple of months I have been teaching Children’s Liturgy, a little group of people with big hearts and armfuls of hugs and love…and who have also taught me to take the time, and cherish the ‘ah ha’ moments… Advent is a time of preparation, and the last couple of weeks we’ve been preparing an Advent Christmas wreath for the Red Cross Christmas Wreath and Tree Competition. With so many new and exciting idea’s, we decided on the Advent colour of purple combining tulle, ribbons, baubles and of course some bling, I made these little signs…using hot silicone glue and white paint, the words Peace, Love, Hope (purple candles) Joy (pink candle) and Christ …

‘Twas the write before Christmas…Day 2

M agical kisses stolen beneath In a quiet moment our lips touched Silence and peace, our love entwined Together in a passing moment Love and joy,happy dreams Every stolen kiss, how I long for your caress Time and hope stays within my heart Over and over in my mind Every moment away from you,I remember that one magical kiss….                 Day Two Prompt: “Underneath the mistletoe last night…” Join in the Christmas spirit and enrich our blogs with Christmas joy. By linking up to bigger picture blogs join in and share whatever the prompts inspire. Share your stories, poems, photo’s, baking or crafts. Whatever the inspiration…all have a way of making us feel the bond of Christmas Cheer. Peace my friends Yvette..x

Lost amid the Snow

Lost amid the snow…I remember the smile on my face, woken from a warm dreamy land,opening the shutters to find a  magical snow covered world outside my window. A smile of pure contentment of feeling free, and happy of seeking pleasure in the magical world of natural beauty. Everything that’s covered in snow is new again , pristine and glistening. The single rose,  her everlasting beauty even in the coldest of temperatures, her petals iced over her thorns unseen…the light in my garden covered in icicles a golden glimmer amongst a snow covered path…Lost amid the snow. Have you memories of today’s prompt…Lost amid the snow. Join in…it maybe a poem, a photo or something creative…  join in the fun of sharing your Christmas memories. Link up to Bigger Picture Blogs:’Twas the write before Christmas. Have a wonderful day my friends Yvette—x

In my Garden

I’m enjoying the last of the Summer days left, and my garden is showing signs already of the changing season…these roses are the second blooms, still beautiful..take a look at what’s happening in my garden…