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How they look…

Joy of Love #2

Happy messengers.

Even as we’re having sweltering weather outside 40+ degrees. It’s another school day, and you can always almost depend on a child to turn any day after the afternoon school bell rings into a colour of sunshine. Children seem to instinctively know when a hug or kiss and smile is needed.

“Hi Zia” ( Zia:Italian for Aunty) what did you do today? Not boring them with my daytime chores. “And what did you do today at school?”

A continuous melody of words, giggles,faces and laughter fill the next 10 minutes.These little messengers of magic genius let me forget the outside world and capture my time for 10 minutes to see the glimpses of their playground imagination. And even more smiles with an afternoon icy pole treat.

joy of love feb2011 008-2


joy of love feb2011 011

joy of love feb2011 012

joy of love feb2011 007


“A world without children is a world without newness,regeneration,color and vigor”.

Dr. James Dobson

This is part of Joy of Love hosted by Willette Design you can join and share here



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