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What about me?

How many minutes in the day, capture the love of a child?

How many minutes of the day capture the words from a friend?

How many minutes in the day captures a thought of a loved one?

How about a second to think of me!

With this ongoing rush of life and everyday routines, do we find enough time for ourselves. And if we do find that second is it a selfish second?

Be it child’s play…another go at bouncing the ball, an extra lolly, a kiss on the cheek, an extra hug, another piece of vegemite toast, another glass of water…in a child’s voice…What about me?

Be it adult antics…a cup of coffee, my ironed shirt?…another paid bill, a glass of wine, another cooked dinner, a simple heartfelt touch, a whispered word…in an adult’s voice..What about me?

Do we hear our own voice?

These rushing minutes within the week, reminded me to stop, look around and take a deep breath. Look outside and see the bigger picture, and also reminded me of this song.

Who remembers the 1982 hit by Moving Pictures…What about me? I hadn’t heard this hit song for sooo long. But how many times do we hear that phrase or think that phrase..What about me? Take a couple of minutes, to breathe, listen and capture a stolen second for you.

Sharing this with Simple moments make the Bigger Picture.

biggerpicturebutton-1A moment to share those simple things any way you feel fit, a story, a photo, a poem…just capture that moment of the week, which plays part of the bigger picture. Moments which put the importance of the little things and put more meaning into our bigger picture world and life.

Take a shared moment.



  1. Oh, Yvette, I SO need to be reminded of this quite often. Sometimes I fly through the moments of meeting others’ needs and am so busy that I don’t meet my own. Such honest and necessary thoughts here … thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful post Yvette.
    My husband and I make the time every evening to sit and have a drink together and each have the “about me” of the days events.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. alita says

    Lovely and oddly selfless… considering the topic. THANK YOU for sharing!

    Also: I need your information still so I can send it to {so} sarita.

  4. lifeinarecipe says

    Great post and a wonderful reminder for us to enjoy this life we live! 🙂

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