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 We all have dreams. We all create these dreams within our minds, the things we hope for, we strive for, we fight for, we inspire to.

Each and everyone of us has a passion within us.

Expressing it is sometimes the hardest thing.

We often concern ourselves with our emotional barriers..what will my readers think, what image of myself do I give, should I share every bit of  information, should I really write that. . Or do I really write from my inner self and heart.

I’ve chosen the later. I write from my inner voice, I try to capture the world around me,the beauty of nature and her changing seasons. The love of fresh and seasonal produce, interpreting colour, balance and textures on a plate.The love of collective objects which truly expresses my love of many era’s, Victoriana in particular.

The love of a single rose, the intricacy of a wooden frame, a silver platter or a linen tablecloth.

Ladies2 (529)[1]

 “ All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them”.Walt Disney

A plate of food for me presents a palette of edible art and I love designing the presentation that goes with it. 

Food should trigger all of our senses, visually to our eyes, tingling of taste buds, perfume and aromas, texture to our fork and spoon and an indulgence of subtle harmonics to our ears .Presentation is everything to me .

mosiac 2011

And don’t let anyone take that passion away from you.

“All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose”

Brian Tracy

We all have a gift to share, be through the lens of a camera, kitchen antics, poetic words, parenthood, whatever your passion.We share these gifts within the world of blogging, and with our encouragement by sharing our comments and words that we leave after reading another blog, we open someone else’s gift  that they’ve given to us and share their passion and dream.

With the everyday busy routines of life I find the time to express my passion of food, photography  and life within this blog. My blog name has never really been explained until now. Yvette’s Twistedvines came about  as a combination of a meeting of two cultures that of Australia and Italy.Two lives that I live, that I might say are completely different. Two different worlds when it comes to climate, food, culture and life style. Twistedvines is a combination of two worlds I love and an expression of how I have come accustomed to both of them.

You could only imagine my happiness when this morning I received and opened a gift from a fellow blogger, she had nominated me for a “Stylish Blogger Award”


Now, although a lot of you don’t acknowledge these awards, In appreciation of this gift,  I give to you a sharing of those other bloggers with dreams and passions…a share of those highly talented and passionate people.

Those who dedicate time each day, or week to express their passions …Thank you to Yankee, Midwestern Exposure who

nominated me for this award. She certainly is passionate about culinary delights, learning to live her transitional lifestyle from urban northeast to the farmlands of the Midwest, Iowa.Check out her recipe for  Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes.

The following bloggers are all  so passionate and inspiring and there’s nothing better than a little recognition for

their time and love for their talents.

Mandy @ The Complete Cook Book

Celia @ Fig Tree and Lime Cordial

Brydie @ City hippy farmgirl

Amanda @ Buttercup600’s Blog

Cindy @ Life in a Recipe

Carol Ann @ Cah4el’s Blog

Mary @ Home is where the boat is

Cindy @ the only cin

Alita @ Alita Jewel’s Treasures

Amy @ World Plates

Jackie @ My Wooden Spoons

Sarah @ this heavenly life

Hyacynth @ Undercover Mother

Sam @ Learn.Create.Do

Amanda @ Tea and Two Biscuits

So to those that I have nominated I congratulate you, and in doing so by all means share this gift by

nominating other bloggers and enhance this blogging community with other passionate and talented bloggers.

There are a couple of things to do :

Thank the person who nominated you, and again ( Thanks Yankee )

Share 7 things about yourself

Recognize and nominate 15 other bloggers

Thank you to all of you who visit and leave comments on my blog,

Have a good Sunday and a great week ahead.




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