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TT – Camellia Rose

One of our Winter beauties is the Camellia. This one in bloom with variegated petals of red and white. Each petal forming a soft delicate flower its distinct unique design and beauty.


I’m linking this photo up to Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. Today’s theme is the Aurora eDition, which we had to use her new texture  ‘Aurora’. A delicate overlay with  light scripted cornices.


Had a bit of fun with this over the top photo shoot, not real elegant, the things you do for a top styling shot! LOL! As a design point of view, don’t you just love the intricacy of these middle petals of the Camellia. Just stunning!


And I just love these water reflections and shadows.


A couple of extra overlaying here:

KKAurora + adjustments in Picnik, Vignette – 17% + Boost 11% + highlights + text

This gives me the impression of  watercolour paper, I’d love to gift wrap you a special gift using this paper! How about you?


I couldn’t resist placing a little extra perfume pink, and it happens to be one of my favourites…

Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Be sure to call in to Kim Klassens Cafe and discover and see the other talented contributors to texturetuesdaysbutton[1]

Have a wonderful week,



    • Ciao Kia, thanks for calling by, I’m having lots of fun with these textures, and it’s an neverending learing process!

    • They are lovely and it’s the second day in their vase, I’ll have a stream of falling petals tomorrow. They’re so delciate.Thanks for calling by.

    • Thanks for calling by, and I appreciate you leaving a message. Always nice to have new people call by. I’m enjoying TT and experimenting with these wonderful textures.

  1. Good day, Yvette…

    The Camella is beautiful! The middle petals remind me of layers and layers of frilly petticoats….simply stunning. Your overlays are very nice…and I particularly do like the one that could be a lovely wrapping. Very antiquish. Lovely photos…it’s good to see you doing what you love.

    Enjoy a delightful day,

    • Thanks Marianne for your support, I’m taking new flight in the beauty around me and staying positive.I love your description..’layers of frilly petticoats’…you’re so right, and all too delicate. x

    • Thank you Cindy, you’re a treasure finding time to visit me always. Camellia’s are beautiful flowers, do they grow over where you are? x

    • Hi, Mandy, I know your time is precious at the moment, thank you for calling by. They could be mistaken for roses, but they are called a Camellia, not sure they grow in your parts. They have a beauty on their own, and the bloom only lasts a couple of days. x

  2. the camelias remind me of being a teenager in Mobile – we had a heat wave during winter and the camelias blossomed 🙂

  3. The shape of the vase and the perfume bottle are beautiful. The color red is also wonderful and brings a brightness to these photos.

  4. audreypettit says

    Such very lovely flowers! I just adore the little vignette you created. Wonderful photos, too.

  5. Aren’t we blessed to have camellias over here? They’re blooming everywhere at the moment – in our backyard, up and down the street…

    I’ve never seen a variegated one like that though – it’s beautiful! Have a great week, Yvette! 🙂

  6. Yvette, your thumbnail really caught my eye. As a lover of camellias, I really enjoyed your photos. Your composition is really eye catching too, and your use of textures creative. Nice work.

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