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The Se7ven Link Challenge

The duck population are partying today!

Time for me to stay inside and enjoy a virtual vacation visiting all of you, and catching up with what I’ve missed. Everyone has been busy in the kitchen, I’ve been visually overindulgent soaking up all the new recipes and fresh and seasonal produce that I’m seeing around the country, and I never have enough time to catch up with all the great photographers and their textured Art.

As I was unable to acknowledge the last award I was given,( Versatile Blogger) I thought I might acknowledge this person in this the Seven Link Challenge, so you could all visit her and see her talents. She’s number one on my list of bloggers.

Initially I learnt about this challenge from Mandy over at her blog                            The Complete Cookbook, her knowledge and cooking has inspired her book, with the second edition available soon. Her Seven Link Challenge can be found HERE.

What’s this challenge all about? With SEVEN different categories, each blogger nominates a single post, then nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part in the challenge and on it goes…it’s a great way to personally look at how far your blog has travelled from when you started and look at your great achievements and maybe even remember some of those forgotten posts. So come on…join in, rattle your archives and show us your posts of pride…

Seven Categories:

  1. Most Popular Post
  2. Most Controversial Post
  3. Most Helpful Post
  4. Most Beautiful Post
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post
  6. Most UnderRated Post
  7. Most Proud of Post

These are my entries to these seven categories. How many do you remember?

1. Most Popular Post

This post being popular on traffic numbers..Salted Eggs – Easter Tutorial

I had fun creating these salted eggs for an Easter display to the entrance of the house.Tutorials do take abit of extra effort and time, but they seem to catch everyone’s eye…and who can resist a bit of added colourful fun to have with their children over Easter break.

easter 2011 020

easter 2011 033

2.Most Controversial Post

I really don’t think I’ve written anything too controversial…I have had a personal conflicting comment thrown my way…but all in all ‘it’s not worth it’…is their glass half empty?

Maybe there might be conflicting views over this post: A Hunting we will go…however this post was an introduction to a wonderful recipe called Chicken Cacciatore.

3. Most Helpful Post

Summer Tutorial: I so enjoy changing each season throughout my house, and in the garden for those outside entertaining evenings.

This post was my first tutorial…This particular post took a lot of preparation time and was helpful for me as a learning process of how best to achieve precise instructions and photo’s for any other tutorials in the future

4. Most Beautiful Post

There have been many ‘ beautiful’ posts, I love capturing the romanticism of my heart, my feminine side and all those dainty and whimsical moments.

For me, Springtimes Laughter  I so enjoyed taking an overload amount of photo’s and creating for me  a picture book  of Springtime emotions.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post

This post received an extra amount of traffic, and it’s the simplest recipe, however one of those old favourites…Lemon Meringue Pie…I really believe it’s so important to have a new original and catchy title to your post…a little intriguing ‘Citrus Gold’ !

6. Most UnderRated Post:

This post was a ‘way back then’, I was so enthusiastic about this dessert and in awe of the magnificent colour of the mulberries that I still get an adrenalin rush…I’ll have to do a ‘revisited’ on this one and see whether I can get you all enthusiastic as I was back then!

7. Most Proud Of Post:

I’d have to say Sandy’s Tea Society it’s the first time I contributed to Food for Thought which is an edible book review. I’m so appreciative of Mary over at her blog ‘Home is Where the Boat is’ who introduced me to this link. Although I haven’t found time now to do another book review of this type…I hope to contribute in the future. You seem to take on a masters hand with creativity…and I was just bursting to style and create interpretations of this book through my photography and food concepts. I’m very proud of this post.

So, the next step in this challenge is to tag another five bloggers…

Here’s where I introduce some new amazing bloggers to you and be sure to visit them…

1. Rita from The Culinary Taste.

Rita passed on the Versatile Blogger to me some months ago and I was unable to acknowledge with appreciation this award. So she’s first on this list. Her blog is amazing with her latest contribution Stewed Rhubarb with Honey Mascarpone. Living in Italy I relate to many of her troubles finding ingredients which are all too common in other parts of the world. She’s also writing for Honest Cooking, so she’s busy, busy! Take a peak…She’s even written storybooks…

2. Alexandra from The Art of Afternoon Tea.

Alexandra is a talented illustrator/ artist. She illustrates her favourite past time of afternoon tea, cooking, and teacups. Her detailed illustrations of fancy afternoon teas of biscuits,cakes,teapots and pearls just jump out of the page to the reader. And she doesn’t leave any details untouched. A pleasant surprise.

3. Kiss my Spatula is a visually impressive blog full of new ideas, cooking and photography. Take a look at this blog, I know your reaction to some of the photo’s will be instantly ‘WOW’…

4. Crustabakes is a great blog and has been freshly pressed a couple of times. ‘G’ is a donut and nutella lover and loves her time making magic in the kitchen, you’ll find some great recipes and clear, up close photography.

5. The Klutzy chef…OH! this woman has a sense of humour…and will make you smile at her kitchen antics and travels.Always a great idea to be found…

So I hope you take some time out and go visit these new and exciting blogs and meet some new friends,

Have a great week, friends



  1. Yvette, thank you so much for such a lovely mention and link. I loved reading your 7 links – you always have such beautifully photographed posts.
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Thanks Mandy, a pleasure always have you visit. For some of the topics it wasn’t easy choosing a post. x

  2. I really enjoy viewing blog owners showcasing their old post this way. I can say I absolutely loved the salted eggs post. And I found a new post I like which is the most underrated dessert.

  3. crustabakes says

    Hi Yvette! Thanks So much for the kind words on Crustabakes! I am currently away on a holiday right now ! But i will definitely pass on the seven link challenge when i get back!

  4. Wow nice to see this, those past post certainly neede to be looked at specially that salted eggs they look so pretty. Also that chicken cacciatore looks so delicious

  5. Thank yo so much Yvette for this special mention!!! Yes, I’m busy, busy, busy and I can’t catch up all the news from bloggers. Poor me!! Thank you again! I’m gpoing to make my Se7en Link Challenge post soon!!

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