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TT -The ‘do’ eDition

Texture Tuesday this week with Kim Klassen is to use one of her new textures ‘Autumn Burst’ and the verb to ‘do’.

I actually this week took a photo from my archives of images and added a quote from Denis Waitley…

‘Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do’

My image for this week:

to do

Photo1: Original Twistedvines + kkautumnburst + highlights 35% + shadow 60% + sharpen + glow + added half tint (Picasa3)


Kim shared with us a favourite manifesto of hers,  this poster can be purchased here , Kim is actually giving a copy away to a lucky TT subscriber… take a reflective moment and have a read…

‘Live your Dream and Share your Passion’

Have a great week everyone,



    • I am a ‘bit’ of Pink inclined…this was a photo I did for a Spring post, so yes roses and perfumes, pink and lace all very feminine. I so loved using this texture this week,Thanks for calling by. x

    • Thanks, I appreciate you finding time to call by twistedvines, and enjoy visiting all the other participants of TT x

  1. Hi, Yvette,

    I think your “pink” faded collage picture is very lovely. I also agree with the big sign…

    Have a great day,

    P.S. The book is nearly ready. I’ll be posting when it’s available.

  2. Yvette, you are so very talented and creative with your images! I’m still just learning basic photography (by trial and error). I like the quote, and also enjoyed reading the “manifesto”! Bess

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