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TT – The ‘AndThenSome’ eDition

I don’t know about any of the other participants of TT, but it was missed last week. The whole of last week passed me by in a flash and no sooner I turned round, I had missed the whole week. And now it’s Texture Tuesday already. This week our challenge was to use Kim Klassen’s texture ‘And Then Some’.   I know, it’s a strange thing when even a dry wrinkled ruffled petal rose bloom, can still be attractive and inspirational for me to photograph. This rose is called ‘Peace’. Photo recipe: Both Photo 1 and 2 have the texture ‘And then Some’. Photo 3 has the additional texture – ‘Autumnburst’ Visit Kim Klassen’s Cafe here and see some of the other works of art. Have a great day, everyone Yvette…x

TT – Red eDition

Kim Klassens cafè is boosting in brightness with this weeks Texture Tuesday Photo challenge. Use the colour red and at least one of Kim’s textures in the processing. The colour red for me is passion, love, colourful country fields of red poppies, juicy red apples and Spring rose bud blooms. I captured my photo within the gardens hide away corner of mountains of parsley, sage and mint, lavender and lemon tree blossom and threw in a vivid touch of contrasting red. Pink Lady apples. Photo recipes: Photo 1: original photo + KKifonly texture + KKthursday texture + 25% fill light + 25% high lights + 25% enhanced shadows. (Picasa 3) Photo2: original photo + KKthe ladder txture + KKthursday + kkautumnburst + 80% shadows 30% high lights + 25% fill light. (Picasa 3) Catch up and link up to the other participants in Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen’s Café Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

TT – Gratitude eDition

Well, I’m here again at the beginning of the week entering into the world of textures and photography. This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is to use two of her textures and capture ‘Gratitude’ in your photo. How do we start each day with a grateful heart? We give thanks that our heart is beating, we give thanks for the start of a new day…we smile and carry on! I’ve used the same original photo, (hard to believe) and have been experimenting. Non conclusive recipes this week, I just kept working on them until the image appealed to me. I give thanks for the little things today, that may well be the bigger and brighter things tomorrow. The rose bud today, that tomorrow is beaming in full bloom. The rainbow today, that brings tomorrows falling raindrops. The smile today, that may bring tomorrows friendship. Join in the fun at the cafe…have a coffee and meet the other players in the party of Texture Tuesday. Have a wonderful week, everyone. Yvette…x

TT – The Love eDition

This weeks theme of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is Love. Delicious little shortbread biscuits. Baci di Dama – the translation…Ladies Kisses.The original recipe is from Piemont – northern Italy. Known for it’s hazelnuts. Two round hazelnut – almond shortbread biscuits joining by a kiss of chocolate in the centre. These special biscuits are just divine finishing off the evening with an espresso, or liqueur. Join in the Love eDition here Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

TT – Anything Goes eDition

What fun, when we’re free to experiment with different textures and create our own style adding, highlighting, and sharpening an image until we feel it’s perfect. This week stopping by Kim Klassens Cafe we’re free and easy to show off our photo’s. My photo this week  was taken of old vintage things, antique silver…with a colourful exquisite tulip. Recipe for this photo: Layer 1: background photo – twistedvines original + Layer 2: kkcoolgrunge 100% + Layer3: kkautumnburst 100% +Layer4: tint 60% +Layer5: sharpen 22% (Picasa 3) Here’s the original: Thanks for calling by and catch up with some wonderful photographers and their inspirational techniques by calling by Kim Klassen’s Cafe. Have a great week Yvette…x

TT -The ‘do’ eDition

Texture Tuesday this week with Kim Klassen is to use one of her new textures ‘Autumn Burst’ and the verb to ‘do’. I actually this week took a photo from my archives of images and added a quote from Denis Waitley… ‘Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do’ My image for this week: Photo1: Original Twistedvines + kkautumnburst + highlights 35% + shadow 60% + sharpen + glow + added half tint (Picasa3)   Kim shared with us a favourite manifesto of hers,  this poster can be purchased here , Kim is actually giving a copy away to a lucky TT subscriber… take a reflective moment and have a read… ‘Live your Dream and Share your Passion’ Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

TT – Spring Blossom ‘Crackerjack’ eDition

Spring is on its way…Yeehaw! This weeks Texture Tuesday  party challenge with Kim Klassen is that we have to incorporate her new texture ‘crakerjack’. It’s a FUNtastic texture giving a photo a glazed crackle effect. I love this effect and let me tell you, to actually get this effect on any of your arty crafty objects it takes time and patience, waiting for paint to dry and the crackle  effect to magically appear. So much easier with a add button in our photographic software, with combinations of all sorts of adjustments to light and tones. I couldn’t decide on which one I liked the most, so I uploaded all three… What’s your opinion, tell me which one caresses your emotions and inspires Spring Fever. A cloudless sky, a world of heather. Purple of foxglove, yellow of broom; We two among it, wading together, Shaking out honey,treading perfume. Crowds of bees are giddy with clover Crowds of grasshoppers skip at our feet, Crowds of larks at their matins hangover, Thanking the Lord for a life so …

TT – Back to School eDition

Summer Vacation is drawing to a close on the other side of the world and this is the inspiration behind Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday Challenge. Thinking on today’s subject there are of course some obvious objects that remind me of school. Pencils,pens, books, apples, learning tools and these are my inspirations for these photo’s. Photo1 Recipe: original photo:yvettes twistedvines + kkcoolgrunge + kk123 + highlights 60% + black&white film + film grain 40% (Picasa 3) Photo2 Recipe: original photo: yvettes twistedvines + kk123 + kkpaperscript + highlights.(Picasa 3) Photo3 recipe: original photo yvettes twistedvines + kk123 + kkcoolgrunge + soft focus + film grain  (Picasa 3) I love changing an image by the use of textures, and thanks to Kim Klassen I’m learning more and more each week. It’s still all an experiment and I can sometimes get carried away…but that’s all part of the fun of learning. Join in today’s challenge or just go and visit  Kim Klassens Cafe and look at all the inspirational creations for Back to School eDition. Have a great …