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Cherished Chintz and Choc Chip Cookies

I have wanted a piece of chintz for a long time, I know many of you have such a cherished piece already in your keepsakes, a few months ago, an opportunity arose, for a little ‘indulgence’ so I bought this tiered stand and beautiful teapot. What better way to display these delicious choc chip cookies. A beautiful pink/crimson rose and apricot chintz with gold trimmings.   Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ Chintz Collection and even better an original piece Made in England. Top layer Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes, bottom layer Choc Chip Cookies, read on for the recipe…

tt – The Look Down eDition

This weeks Texture Tuesday theme is ‘look down’. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph this beautiful rose, and it’s unusual colours. Soft pink petals each outlined with a soft tinged green. I can’t tell tell you the name of it as I bought a bunch while out shopping. The recipe for today’s photo is very much a jumble, however I can tell you that I used the latest texture of Kim Klassen’s ‘Dream-it’. I’ve also been experimenting with my photographs and making kaleidoscopes with their colours…   This design is from the exact same rose photo, using the software Paintshop Pro x. You can try it out with their 30 day trial here. Lot’s of fun! Have a great day,….Yvette x

TT – Flowers

This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen, isn’t so much the subject matter – flowers…I love photographing flowers as many of you have seen before. It’s actually the point at which I venture out of the warmth of inside the house…of a Winter dreary day, and look around the garden, not to find too much to photograph. The hint of the final lavender amongst the rosemary, and the tiniest rose buds screaming from the leafless branches of rose bushes. Sometimes the simplest of things, and the dull of light can give us something truly beautiful.   I’ve been wanting to take photographs of this bottle for ages…I just love it. I’m a tonic water drinker, and just adored this limited edition collection that Schweppes Australia distributed. The series is a collection of 1920’s – 1950’s pin up girls.See the full collection in the inspiration room. I’ve had these photo images in my mind for ages…and it was truly magical inspiration to see these photos come alive. original photo twistedvines + kkchase +light/shadow adjustments. original photo …

Light eDition

I’m not sure where the week has gone, but it’s flying by… What better way than to stay focused on one day at a time and start each day with a new long list of gratitude’s and bucket list of wishes… This macro shot is one I see everyday (screensaver), it helps me to remember my theme word for twentytwelve of FOCUS…and its beautiful sunlit petals expresses my take on this weeks photo challenge theme of light with Kim Klassen, with only a subtle texture enhancement with kkplastersquared. There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.  ~Edith Wharton Have a wonderful day, my friends Yvette,,,x

Romantic Charms

Beautiful touches of pink and creams, in this romantic brides garter. Brides garter, Grooms handkerchief, and wedding cake ribbon. Threads, silks, ribbons, cross stitch, roses, pearls, dates and promises.This week has seen my sister working her fingers, making some romantic ribbons for a wedding celebration. All beautifully created by my sister, a very talented lady. Linking to Beverly’s Pink Saturday. October being the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, why not join in, for the month of October to Pink Saturday.

TT -The ‘do’ eDition

Texture Tuesday this week with Kim Klassen is to use one of her new textures ‘Autumn Burst’ and the verb to ‘do’. I actually this week took a photo from my archives of images and added a quote from Denis Waitley… ‘Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do’ My image for this week: Photo1: Original Twistedvines + kkautumnburst + highlights 35% + shadow 60% + sharpen + glow + added half tint (Picasa3)   Kim shared with us a favourite manifesto of hers,  this poster can be purchased here , Kim is actually giving a copy away to a lucky TT subscriber… take a reflective moment and have a read… ‘Live your Dream and Share your Passion’ Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

Black Beauty

If there’s one thing that I can’t resist its a rose, her beauty and her perfume. This week saw the last of the rose blooms in the garden, and the scent of black beauty just had to be brought inside to perfume the whole house for the last time before Spring blooms again. Hope you have some special time on the weekend, some leisure time to walk around your garden, and maybe smell the roses. Yvette…x

Everythings coming up Roses….

This time of the year is wonderful in the garden, after a long Winter the garden has revived itself with the first warm Spring days, and the first of my roses are in full bloom. I’ve just gone outside to do a quick count and I’m surprised I’ve now planted 200 rose bushes. From ramblers,standards and shrubs, hues of pinks, yellows, whites and reds,  border beauties, beautiful beds, old-fashioned charm and carpets of colour, even a solitary rose makes a great focal point in any garden.    I’ve always had a love for roses, and I have to admit there’s many a time when I wake up,stop and smell the roses, or take a wander in the garden and talk to them with my morning coffee….they’re so hardy and after last Winters snow it’s a miracle I didn’t lose any…every time a single new bloom appears, what ever the colour pink, white or red  for me roses symbolize love.. I think everyone has received a single rose at some time of their life…remember the time you received that rose it was …