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Cockatoo Chatter

What have we been up to….children’s baking!

A few week’s ago, my niece was having a farewell party at school for one of her schoolmates who was returning overseas. The decision was made to have an Australian theme. From an array of fauna and flora Australian icons, the decision was made to make those ever enjoyable cupcakes as a base and decorate them as cockatoo’s and koala’s

The Sulphur-crested cockatoo can be found widely north and east of Australia, and actually right at our back door.Their distinctive raucous call can be very loud, repeat very loud.


The plumage is overall white, the expressive crest is yellow. The bill is black, the legs are grey, and the eye-ring is whitish. Males typically have almost black eyes, whereas the females have a more red or brown eye. Wikipedia

So, with a bit of detail, we made cockatoo cupcakes…cupcakes were a basic vanilla mixture covered in assorted lollies: banana’s,licorice,marshmallows and vanilla frosting.cockatoos 014

cockatoos 013

So, I know you’re now wondering what our koala’s looked like…

cockatoos 008

Chocolate cupcakes with choc frosted icing, sprinkled with coconut, and covered in marshmallows,licorice,and clinkers.

cockatoos 015

cockatoos 023

Indication of happy children…an empty plate!



  1. Love both cupcakes but the cockatoo-inspired are my faves. (I’m a bird person.) 10 years ago, while researching birds & parrots, I considered getting a cockatoo — for about 5 minutes. Once I learned how loud they can be, I started looking into other birds. They sure are beautiful, though — just like your cupcakes!

    • They are very loud, and usually fly around in groups, around home there’s a feeding tray, so often there are 6-8 cockatoos who visit often.There’s are constant chatter!

  2. Sooo sweet, Yvette, in more ways than one. Your niece’s friend will remember this for many years to come. What a nice farewell, and how fun!

    Marianne xo

  3. Those banana sweets have just brought back so many memories from when I was little. I loved them (and the pink shrimps too). What great cakes. I am searching for cupcake ideas for our sons adoption celebration in a few weeks time and I think I may have found a contender.

  4. Oh what FUN! What a sweet celebration for your neice’s classmates~ I’m sure they were in cockatoo & koala cupcake heaven!

  5. crustabakes says

    I can only imagine how long it took you to try visualize the cookies and cupcakes to make them look like the coockatoo and koala. Not to mention to actually bringing them together and make them work!

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